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Carpets lying. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream carpets lying. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

scrape carpets 68
Meaning of the dream: intentions secret

beat carpets 82
Description: selfish concerns

brushing carpets 65
Interpretation of the dream: innovative efforts

lying sleeping 7
Translation: have faith, believe in yourself

heavy rugs 82
Dream description: soon you are able to get rid of some thoughts

lying to parents 46
Meaning: enmities dangerous

lying to the spouse 18
Translation of the dream: achievements inaccessible

tablecloth lying in the sun 55
Interpretation: travel and satisfaction

woman lying 73
Sense of the dream: lack of diplomacy

young girl lying 48
What does it mean: amorous desires

carpet seller 52
Meaning of the dream: agitation

lying to superiors 88
Description: novelty worrying

lie down on the hay 52
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

man lying 20
Translation: period of physical fogging

lying 1
Dream description: hopes dashed

lying to loved one 87
Meaning: contrasts surmountable

carpet cleaner 77
Translation of the dream: you still have something to settle with someone

old carpet 44
Interpretation: concerns passing

carpet patched 41
Sense of the dream: a good chance

buy carpet 38
What does it mean: new relationships

spread a carpet 43
Meaning of the dream: fanciful dreams

velvet carpet 12
Description: dynamism and boldness

carpet on the floor 75
Interpretation of the dream: animosity useless

discover lie 75
Translation: lack of flexibility

carpet on the table 26
Dream description: problems for children

lie for need 78
Meaning: intrigue

lie with candle 74
Translation of the dream: broken promises

remove stains from a carpet 25
Interpretation: brilliant statement

new carpet 21
Sense of the dream: good deals

lying down reading 52
What does it mean: watch out for enemies

give carpet 8
Meaning of the dream: issues of interest

lie 31
Description: conquest of goods

green carpet 66
Interpretation of the dream: romantic relationships serene

roll up the carpet 28
Translation: maturation of projects

patch up a carpet 41
Dream description: good chance

carpet value 3
Meaning: new sympathies

tell lies 88
Translation of the dream: financial difficulties

tell a lie or falsehood 75
Interpretation: you will have a friend that you will do very well

liar or lie 64
Sense of the dream: conquest of goods

fitted carpet 24
What does it mean: improve selfish or arrogant behavior of this period

lay 4
Meaning of the dream: extravagant attitudes

beat carpet 4
Description: Arrival news

to lie 12
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friends

lie down on the straw 75
Translation: union serene

walking on the carpet 62
Dream description: easy life

tell falsehood 67
Meaning: speeches malicious and devious

lie to a friend 45
Translation of the dream: envy masked

lie down on the grass 31
Interpretation: gain extra

lie on the beach 61
Sense of the dream: considerable economic advantages

inventing lies 3
What does it mean: plenty of money

say lie maliciously 83
Meaning of the dream: loss of sympathy

tilt the lie 50
Description: impatience