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Capture crow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream capture crow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

capture nightingale 21
Meaning of the dream: delight

capture fox 54
Description: advances and protections

capture reptile 47
Interpretation of the dream: confusion and doubts

capture scorpion 17
Translation: important clarifications

capture prey 62
Dream description: intimate satisfactions

crow embalmed 73
Meaning: tendency to vice

to catch 7
Translation of the dream: patience

crow 68
Interpretation: sad omen

capturing a military 1
Sense of the dream: good luck

capturing a man 57
What does it mean: unfortunate mishap sentimental

crow in a cage 59
Meaning of the dream: hypocrisy and ingratitude

capturing a woman 20
Description: suffer the misery

crow flying 21
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions hidden

raven croaks 34
Translation: ambiguous proposals

capturing a farmer 1
Dream description: luck in business

crow on his head 3
Meaning: fallacious illusions

capturing a swarm 75
Translation of the dream: remorse for wrongdoing

crow that caws 6
Interpretation: restlessness and torment

capture a monk 29
Sense of the dream: wrong settings

capture a traveler 57
What does it mean: violent discussion

crow dead 89
Meaning of the dream: dissipation and disorder

raven pecking 87
Description: Investment unwary

capture a murderess 24
Interpretation of the dream: reckless actions

capture the beast 76
Translation: Danger averted

capture an animal 14
Dream description: ideals collapsing

capture an escaped prisoner 77
Meaning: new jobs

capture the tree frog 18
Translation of the dream: opening new horizons

catch thieves 24
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

catch animals 53
Sense of the dream: concerns

raven flying 71
What does it mean: betrayed trust

capturing moose 7
Meaning of the dream: lack of vitality

boar captured 18
Description: next working victories

canary captured 69
Interpretation of the dream: misplaced trust

Mafia boss captured 28
Translation: risk of theft

brig captured 11
Dream description: bodes well for future projects and finances

wolf captured 66
Meaning: tendency to exaggeration

capture 38
Translation of the dream: patience

rat catching 62
Interpretation: wounded pride

catch fruit 5
Sense of the dream: good earnings

catch frogs 18
What does it mean: useful and fruitful exchange of ideas

roundup of fish 17
Meaning of the dream: excellent prospects

parsley catch 43
Description: Deception submitted

fig catch 29
Interpretation of the dream: news like

catching flies 22
Translation: conciliatory character

see catch fish 4
Dream description: children in poor health or dumb

spider catching flies 9
Meaning: success happy and great satisfaction

paretaio To catch birds 23
Translation of the dream: land with nets to catch birds

pestiferous air 71
Interpretation: serious trouble

catch a parrot 64
Sense of the dream: business not serious

catch the reindeer 73
What does it mean: change of position

catch a squirrel 5
Meaning of the dream: good friendships

catch a crook 68
Description: gossip of neighbors

catch a beaver 43
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts in family

catch a heron 70
Translation: being conquered

catch a gecko 84
Dream description: small problems

catch a thief 49
Meaning: craftiness

grab a girl 31
Translation of the dream: prosperity

catch a giraffe 26
Interpretation: ideals are not always brought to conclusion

catch a dragonfly 55
Sense of the dream: someone will hinder