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Cap woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cap woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cap woman 36
Meaning of the dream: dangerous experiences

cap man 41
Description: inventive talent

cap bellhop 15
Interpretation of the dream: ability manual

cap student 19
Translation: revolutionary ideas

Pope cap 31
Dream description: bad social period

cap goalkeeper 16
Meaning: thoughts on the future

cap General 43
Translation of the dream: fixed ideas that move away

Cardinal cap 85
Interpretation: confusion of ideas

Sicilian cap 67
Sense of the dream: enthusiasm paid

porter cap 41
What does it mean: physical

cap clock 60
Meaning of the dream: pain vanished

cap broken 77
Description: susceptibility and presumption

cap child 39
Interpretation of the dream: end of love

dirt cap 34
Translation: contempt of danger

cap professor 2
Dream description: waiting and uncertainty

traveling cap 46
Meaning: fruitful activity

Judge cap 90
Translation of the dream: suspicions unjust

cap loudspeaker 23
Interpretation: you're trying to work on the details in a project

Official cap 70
Sense of the dream: pleasant events

hunting cap 59
What does it mean: resourcefulness brave

ecclesiastical cap 70
Meaning of the dream: laziness and dissatisfaction

tight cap 66
Description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

cap soldier 6
Interpretation of the dream: flexible mind

cap of cork 30
Translation: new commitments

bishop's cap 13
Dream description: be less introverted

stylish cap 45
Meaning: slanders against you

barrel cap 7
Translation of the dream: you are a strong person and you will get what you want

alcoholic woman 15
Interpretation: Lies harmful

woman arrested 9
Sense of the dream: loss of prestige

stammering woman 52
What does it mean: possibility of a detachment

woman guilty 56
Meaning of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

naked woman 38
Description: pain and bitterness

industrious woman 64
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm for new proposals

proud woman 6
Translation: Sad News

woman softened 58
Dream description: worrying decrease of energy

submissive woman 28
Meaning: recovery of energy

dissolute woman 51
Translation of the dream: danger of deceit

valiant woman 84
Interpretation: coincidences

woman seduced 1
Sense of the dream: abundance and richness

woman owl 7
What does it mean: someone you know wants to fuck

abhor woman 46
Meaning of the dream: mortification

woman upset 60
Description: speculation wrong

landlady woman 43
Interpretation of the dream: moral flexibility

lovable woman 3
Translation: arrogance in love

thighs woman 27
Dream description: explaining to do

woman cry 47
Meaning: need for caution

woman idle 17
Translation of the dream: contrasts continue

sling woman 8
Interpretation: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

shameless woman 67
Sense of the dream: documents to be finalized

whipping woman 78
What does it mean: bond without love

woman sews 5
Meaning of the dream: existence agitated

woman injured 61
Description: think about your future

velvet cap 76
Interpretation of the dream: broken promises

linen woman 26
Translation: opposition to overcome