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Canine swinging. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream canine swinging. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

canine (tooth) 64
Meaning of the dream: anger

canine unit 34
Description: You have something to hide and you're afraid

be swinging on the swing 69
Interpretation of the dream: remorse justified

swinging on the hammock 36
Translation: sorrows passing

sway 12
Dream description: solicitude of relatives

barking dogs 43
Meaning: sorrows

Many small dogs 6
Translation of the dream: good friends

dogs who are fighting 7
Interpretation: pitfall nearby

dog roses 68
Sense of the dream: possibility of a trip

kennel with dogs 33
What does it mean: energy and boldness

dog breed 52
Meaning of the dream: new projects

Kennel 20
Description: keep others safe from possible attacks

kennel clean 3
Interpretation of the dream: strong protections

kennel abandoned 1
Translation: great ideas

see without the bells swing 12
Dream description: importance

strange dogs 72
Meaning: hidden enemies

Wicker kennel 9
Translation of the dream: good omens

neuter dogs 44
Interpretation: news from a letter

feed dogs 32
Sense of the dream: Issues that are fixed

unleashing dogs 24
What does it mean: fear and fighting

mow dogs 76
Meaning of the dream: avarice

tame dogs 12
Description: marital fidelity

petting dogs 70
Interpretation of the dream: various dangers

loose the dogs 18
Translation: difficulty passing

ensnare dogs 8
Dream description: some situation of the past haunts you

slay dogs 19
Meaning: unexpected surprises

fending off dogs 13
Translation of the dream: seriousness of purpose

domesticate dogs 4
Interpretation: marital fidelity

kennel with fleas 8
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

howling of a dog 62
What does it mean: bodes ill

kennel with puppies 39
Meaning of the dream: devoted friends

pack of dogs 6
Description: new openings in love

bet on dogs 49
Interpretation of the dream: optimism

muzzle for the dog 5
Translation: too laid back attitude in front of problems

tax on dogs 85
Dream description: marital fidelity

Dogs that bite 24
Meaning: various ailments

cats and dogs 65
Translation of the dream: dispute, contradiction

dog trainer 58
Interpretation: economic problems

many big dogs 8
Sense of the dream: enemies

harassment by dogs 60
What does it mean: harassment of enemies

fray dogs 15
Meaning of the dream: dangerous business

dogs known to your friends 46
Description: loyalty and courage

attacked by a dog or other 79
Interpretation of the dream: nervous breakdown

waving a banner 76
Translation: economic concerns

wield dagger 39
Dream description: attention to women

swaying of the flame 29
Meaning: successfully delayed

barking 79
Translation of the dream: in your circle are sycophants who will prove to be false friends

wield a knife 41
Interpretation: hard work

rock the boat 52
Sense of the dream: luck changing

sway to put 62
What does it mean: solicitude of relatives

dog catcher who takes a dog 23
Meaning of the dream: limited freedom

doggie 59
Description: friendship

rock above the water 75
Interpretation of the dream: Councils concerned