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Candle for mosquito. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream candle for mosquito. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

candle 74
Meaning of the dream: will come away a person harasses or enemy

consumed candle 59
Description: disturbing events

Auto candle 46
Interpretation of the dream: procured a less agitated

hear the mosquito buzz 51
Translation: someone does gossip about you

candle fake 26
Dream description: broadmindedness

electric candle 79
Meaning: love happy

candle small 39
Translation of the dream: gains that fade

candle route 27
Interpretation: economic improvement

mosquito dunk 68
Sense of the dream: serious contention, separation

unlit candle 7
What does it mean: joy in the family

colored candle 68
Meaning of the dream: pleasant meeting

candle in church 55
Description: obstacles removed

light a candle 31
Interpretation of the dream: liberation from a burden

browning a candle 82
Translation: resistance to work

lie with candle 74
Dream description: broken promises

blow out a candle 46
Meaning: heartbreak

sting of mosquito 36
Translation of the dream: decline of will

candle on the altar 25
Interpretation: aid to give

white candle 77
Sense of the dream: happy news

lit candle 73
What does it mean: decrease of vitality

candle fell 75
Meaning of the dream: lose good opportunities

candle big 83
Description: unnecessary worries

hold a candle 40
Interpretation of the dream: mobility of views

candle flame 46
Translation: vacillating resolutions

mosquito stings 5
Dream description: offense hit you

tallow candle 80
Meaning: interests in stagnation

buy the candle 14
Translation of the dream: satisfaction in love

candle wax 47
Interpretation: sacrifices to be made

bedside table with a candle 19
Sense of the dream: danger of cheating

see bring a candle 14
What does it mean: bitter experience

light a candle in church 47
Meaning of the dream: valid aid

bring a candle 15
Description: career advancement

mosquito 11
Interpretation of the dream: someone very boring and annoying

being bitten by a mosquito 78
Translation: offense hit you

kill the mosquito 69
Dream description: You will free a person unbearable

holding a candle and wearing it in public 43
Meaning: joy honor success and security in business

candle light 10
Translation of the dream: healthy aspirations

furled sail 68
Interpretation: emotional problems

sail patched 46
Sense of the dream: need for choice

candle factory 66
What does it mean: good reputation

square sail 8
Meaning of the dream: problems to be addressed

colorful sail 76
Description: good tidings

sail boat 17
Interpretation of the dream: important relationships

trawler sailing 49
Translation: inner serenity

Sailing wing 53
Dream description: hope not to have doubts about a person

sail of vessel 62
Meaning: resources in the last moment

canvas for sails 38
Translation of the dream: trip possible

triangular sail 67
Interpretation: embarrassing choice

navigate with the sail 2
Sense of the dream: They are abandoning your strength

raise the sail 25
What does it mean: union lucky

dinghy sailing 6
Meaning of the dream: fleeting relationships

chase away mosquitoes 90
Description: trip likely