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Calm temperament. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream calm temperament. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

calm temperament 55
Meaning of the dream: next job

man calm 90
Description: poor health

temper 90
Interpretation of the dream: next job

calm sea 78
Translation: future plans

calm character 81
Dream description: thoughtless actions

be calm 66
Meaning: overcome by grief

calm 5
Translation of the dream: responsibility imminent

nervous disposition 80
Interpretation: difficulty in love

calm atmosphere 19
Sense of the dream: satisfaction of short duration

quiet dog 15
What does it mean: you are near someone who protects you

urge for calm 39
Meaning of the dream: adventures

dead calm 43
Description: new interests

quiet time 46
Interpretation of the dream: hatred declared

Maybe quiet 15
Translation: unrest and persecution

peaceful sleep 9
Dream description: new knowledge

calm down 88
Meaning: improving financial

see and do not fear an ogre quiet 18
Translation of the dream: you will overcome a serious danger without realizing it

ford a small quiet river 36
Interpretation: do not listen to the bad languages

calm an old 5
Sense of the dream: serious discord

calm a man 52
What does it mean: windfall

calm a child 3
Meaning of the dream: narrow escape

calm the spouse 31
Description: lost love

calm a woman 16
Interpretation of the dream: next war

calm a dispute 61
Translation: unnecessary concern

tranquil lake 10
Dream description: request for guarantees

sedate 56
Meaning: need to be purified, both physically and emotionally

quiet children 49
Translation of the dream: excellent chance

the clear and quiet coast 1
Interpretation: omen generally happy, especially for judges, litigants, travelers

quiet 10
Sense of the dream: request for guarantees

good mood 9
What does it mean: discord in general

fickle mood 65
Meaning of the dream: trouble from writings

bad mood 48
Description: litigation

irascible 9
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected proposals

good nature 76
Translation: relatives of prosperity, wealth and personal power, honor all growing

irritable mood 77
Dream description: rebellion useless

mood breaker 79
Meaning: unrealizable fantasies

mood change 70
Translation of the dream: sorry for gossip

pictorial flair 8
Interpretation: abandonment of the father or marital home

nature of man 27
Sense of the dream: happiness and longevity

comic flair 27
What does it mean: strong attachment to traditions

dramatic flair 40
Meaning of the dream: wish fulfillment

appease children 18
Description: resolution of a question still pending

appease animals 52
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous distraction

appease a fight 64
Translation: conquest of authorities

baby pacifier 30
Dream description: desire to escape responsibility

cool feet 20
Meaning: profit slow

cool show 30
Translation of the dream: ambition proud

cool dress 16
Interpretation: order and precision

cool milk 63
Sense of the dream: patiently waiting

cool food 68
What does it mean: business stagnation

cool wardrobe 36
Meaning of the dream: way of saving

cool hands 6
Description: deep bitterness

cool customer 60
Interpretation of the dream: you have great ambitions and perhaps be able to realize them;