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Call a trans woman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream call a trans woman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

call the driver 36
Meaning of the dream: patiently waiting

call his wife 6
Description: careful with money

call a surgeon 65
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant news

call a vet 56
Translation: lasting friendships

call the mother 25
Dream description: problems to be solved

call a servant 78
Meaning: hasty judgments

call his brother 89
Translation of the dream: careful with money

call the father 54
Interpretation: positions of responsibility

call her husband 19
Sense of the dream: lasting impressions

call the chimney sweep 88
What does it mean: new achievements

call a son 72
Meaning of the dream: good company

call the dog 69
Description: important relationships

call her sister 81
Interpretation of the dream: concerns falling

call an animal 67
Translation: marital disagreements

call the cat 7
Dream description: opposition of short duration

call the elevator 9
Meaning: Success in any field

call a porter 26
Translation of the dream: false friends and betrayals

call the spectrum 52
Interpretation: impediments and delays

call your boyfriend 54
Sense of the dream: interesting revelations

call a taxi 44
What does it mean: success sentimental

call to dinner 12
Meaning of the dream: enthusiasm shared

call for breakfast 88
Description: serenity of spirit

drowning of a woman 36
Interpretation of the dream: We're anxiously waiting for some event

call for lunch 56
Translation: exaggerated optimism

gift from a woman 52
Dream description: friendship

killing a woman 29
Meaning: unwillingness

kiss of woman 62
Translation of the dream: with patience you reach your goal

Skull woman 80
Interpretation: solution of a problem

call by name 83
Sense of the dream: satisfaction for your needs

belly of a woman 62
What does it mean: ties secrets

call the midwife 79
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and worries unnecessary

gray hair in a woman 73
Description: loss of a friendship

betrayal of a woman 76
Interpretation of the dream: resourcefulness

call to report 82
Translation: need of rest

corpse of a woman 7
Dream description: falsehood to a friend

stealing a woman 66
Meaning: waste of money

search a woman 12
Translation of the dream: impediments and delays

call from the terrace 36
Interpretation: belated remorse

reaction of a woman 24
Sense of the dream: emotional sensitivity

rescue a woman 74
What does it mean: Good news

feet of woman 41
Meaning of the dream: trip thwarted

forcing a woman 35
Description: good faith betrayed

good woman 82
Interpretation of the dream: vanity

woman's wig 11
Translation: new working relationships

touch a woman 68
Dream description: need for adaptation

the face of the woman 33
Meaning: betrayal and fiction

call someone by name 57
Translation of the dream: probable visits

body of a woman 39
Interpretation: successfully thwarted

birth of woman 87
Sense of the dream: novelty in the family

ugly woman 50
What does it mean: uncertain situation

stench of woman 33
Meaning of the dream: impediments and delays

woman cry 47
Description: need for caution

milk woman 26
Interpretation of the dream: novelty in the family

whistle woman 59
Translation: loss of money due to distraction