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Calf in the barn. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream calf in the barn. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

calf in the barn 84
Meaning of the dream: material well-being

calf 42
Description: decision

calf liver 17
Interpretation of the dream: persecution complex

foot calf 15
Translation: You are clean

calf being bitten 64
Dream description: a person jealous of you

have an injured calf 56
Meaning: your programs will be thwarted

cow with calf 48
Translation of the dream: right judgment

Calf slaughter 28
Interpretation: ephemeral success

calf grazing 46
Sense of the dream: happy surprise

dead calf 82
What does it mean: enmities to fight

buy calf 38
Meaning of the dream: hard work

stealing a calf 6
Description: tumultuous relations

get on the barn 17
Interpretation of the dream: good ideas to be realized

barn 60
Translation: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

barn together with other birds 28
Dream description: loss of wealth

farmhouse with barn 82
Meaning: continuous and rapid progress

barn high 16
Translation of the dream: new agreements favorable

barn collapses 2
Interpretation: financial loss

barn burning 2
Sense of the dream: damage and concerns

barn empty 86
What does it mean: serious concerns

barn full 45
Meaning of the dream: abundance and wealth

barn with flour 39
Description: satisfaction

threshing barn 6
Interpretation of the dream: making important

barn with oxen 9
Translation: lasting achievements

barn with sheep 12
Dream description: temporary irritation

sleeping in the barn 60
Meaning: Revenue extra money

clean the barn 68
Translation of the dream: business that are successful

cow in the barn 39
Interpretation: hard work

barn owl 88

hay in the barn 49

barn with pigeons 21

barn with cats 51

barn with mice 86

barn with birds 4

barn fire 8

barn with pigs 40

beak barn owl 84
Translation of the dream: Useful research

set fire to the barn 48

sheep barn full of animals 38
Sense of the dream: good chance lost

barnyard 4
What does it mean: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

barnyard with livestock 3
Meaning of the dream: economic security

barnyard empty 30
Description: infamy had undergone