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Cake with decorations. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cake with decorations. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Emperor with decorations 15
Meaning of the dream: sadness passing

get the cake 88
Description: efforts with a happy ending

cake with cocoa 16
Interpretation of the dream: cheerfulness

make the cake 83
Translation: satisfaction and rest

Festive decorations 80
Dream description: ill health

serve the cake 74
Meaning: lifelong friends

eat cake 60
Translation of the dream: good health

give the cake 8
Interpretation: precarious economic situation

cake with sweetened ricotta (ice cream) 69
Sense of the dream: useful meetings

crumble cake 89
What does it mean: generosity and courage

cake 3
Meaning of the dream: misery

cut the cake 22
Description: next trip

bake the cake 10
Interpretation of the dream: love declaration

funeral decorations 66
Translation: harmony

wax cake 30
Dream description: non-resistance

Chocolate Cake 40
Meaning: physical discomfort

shaped cake 16
Translation of the dream: unenthusiastically

buy cake 54
Interpretation: new opportunities

polenta cake 87
Sense of the dream: economic improvements

cake made with chestnut flour 90
What does it mean: good news

take the cake 3
Meaning of the dream: shrewdness in business

wedding cake 3
Description: happy moments

layer cake 12
Interpretation of the dream: joys family

slice of cake 6
Translation: family party

cutting the cake 42
Dream description: excessive caution

cocoa cake 43
Meaning: quiet privacy

Typical Italian cake with custard cream filling 5
Translation of the dream: repair to give

cherry pie 87
Interpretation: limited gains

bake cakes 15
Sense of the dream: disorderly situation

table with cakes 6
What does it mean: exaggerated pessimism

Meatloaf with mushrooms 55
Meaning of the dream: advantageous changes

meatloaf with peppers 9
Description: good news

cream pie 73
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant novelty

meatloaf with potatoes 45
Translation: support their opinion not always be easy, especially in family or with your partner

pastel portrait 60
Dream description: pedantry and criticism

pie dish 22
Meaning: you need new stimuli

sweet cakes 20
Translation of the dream: joy

knead cakes 72
Interpretation: vanity and ostentation

baked cakes 41
Sense of the dream: susceptibility

order cakes 75
What does it mean: rules to follow

see or bake cakes 20
Meaning of the dream: joy and gain

burger in a bun 4
Description: work stress

pie 7
Interpretation of the dream: misery

Apple pie 14
Translation: deserved recognition

paint with pastels 4
Dream description: unwelcome discovery

dinner with relatives 11
Meaning: lack of confidence

Theatrical scenery 63
Translation of the dream: sudden discovery

dinner with military 4
Interpretation: Tangible evidence of friendship

dinner with the children 48
Sense of the dream: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
What does it mean: self-confidence

dinner with parents 76
Meaning of the dream: want made

decoration 5
Description: heritage countered

adorn with rings 46
Interpretation of the dream: bad omens

mountain with vineyards 24
Translation: Family disputes