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Cake donated. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cake donated. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

make the cake 83
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction and rest

serve the cake 74
Description: lifelong friends

get the cake 88
Interpretation of the dream: efforts with a happy ending

give the cake 8
Translation: precarious economic situation

buy cake 54
Dream description: new opportunities

crumble cake 89
Meaning: generosity and courage

eat cake 60
Translation of the dream: good health

wax cake 30
Interpretation: non-resistance

agenda donated 78
Sense of the dream: expressions of sympathy

cake with sweetened ricotta (ice cream) 69
What does it mean: useful meetings

cut the cake 22
Meaning of the dream: next trip

bake the cake 10
Description: love declaration

Chocolate Cake 40
Interpretation of the dream: physical discomfort

cake with cocoa 16
Translation: cheerfulness

cake made with chestnut flour 90
Dream description: good news

wedding cake 3
Meaning: happy moments

shaped cake 16
Translation of the dream: unenthusiastically

cutting the cake 42
Interpretation: excessive caution

cake 3
Sense of the dream: misery

layer cake 12
What does it mean: joys family

cocoa cake 43
Meaning of the dream: quiet privacy

polenta cake 87
Description: economic improvements

slice of cake 6
Interpretation of the dream: family party

take the cake 3
Translation: shrewdness in business

Typical Italian cake with custard cream filling 5
Dream description: repair to give

cherry pie 87
Meaning: limited gains

pie 7
Translation of the dream: misery

Apple pie 14
Interpretation: deserved recognition

donate 23
Sense of the dream: insincerity, treachery of a friend

donate to charity 64
What does it mean: you have some past remorse

cream pie 73
Meaning of the dream: pleasant novelty

bake cakes 15
Description: disorderly situation

donate animals 16
Interpretation of the dream: good and lasting solutions

donate sweets 64
Translation: contrasts minor

donate goods 45
Dream description: outlook feasible

donate necklaces 11
Meaning: recovery of energy

donate books 14
Translation of the dream: imprudent steps

donate jewelry 1
Interpretation: reckless actions

donate clothes 31
Sense of the dream: considerable gains

donate bread 70
What does it mean: tranquility

donate earrings 7
Meaning of the dream: to strengthen relations

donate photographs 38
Description: friction to chamfer

donate pins 31
Interpretation of the dream: diligent collaboration

donate pink 46
Translation: love, affection

donate wealth 1
Dream description: inner turmoil

donation to children 30
Meaning: you feel gratified at work

oilcake 71
Translation of the dream: great disappointment

gift of money 65
Interpretation: everything will be for the better

receive the gift of a purse 22
Sense of the dream: anger

crooked stick 17
What does it mean: everything will be for the better

crooked tree 58
Meaning of the dream: enmities

sweet cakes 20
Description: joy

knead cakes 72
Interpretation of the dream: vanity and ostentation

crooked mouth 65
Translation: inability to adapt

baked cakes 41
Dream description: susceptibility

receiving the gift of daffodils 42
Meaning: cheap accommodation