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Cabal lame. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream cabal lame. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mutt lame 45
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue

women's lame 51
Description: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

lame bloodhound 49
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness and delicate health

lame rich 44
Translation: loss of property by fire

lame prisoner 80
Dream description: close condemnation

lame or messy porter 43
Meaning: betrayal, disgrace

poor lame 87
Translation of the dream: obligations and hassle

be lame 54
Interpretation: terrible disaster

cabala 75
Sense of the dream: affliction misery

pretend to be lame 76
What does it mean: to take responsibility

see the lame 17
Meaning of the dream: misery and suffering

become lame 56
Description: physical strength

feet lame or deformed 19
Interpretation of the dream: infirmity

crippled beggar 24
Translation: inheritance

chainsaw without blades 47
Dream description: are you trying to forget a person

gang leader 70
Meaning: misunderstanding between spouses

conspiracy 68
Translation of the dream: suffer a shame

limp 1
Interpretation: awaits disgrace

crippled leg 22
Sense of the dream: unexpected trouble

crippled man 80
What does it mean: momentary setbacks

dead lark 6
Meaning of the dream: disagreement in the family

to intrigue 10
Description: disease

bear a plot 84
Interpretation of the dream: hatred secret

plot twist 21
Translation: love interests

limp walk 38
Dream description: passing ailments

plot by relatives 79
Meaning: successfully delayed

limping march 47
Translation of the dream: bad luck

plot by enemies 51
Interpretation: melancholia

abuse a crippled 71
Sense of the dream: positive energy

plot of schoolchildren 28
What does it mean: confidentiality and prudence

political conspiracy 7
Meaning of the dream: tenacious resistance opposing

leave an intrigue 18
Description: forebodings fallacious

centipede on a plot 51
Interpretation of the dream: plans ruined by someone

intrigue of love 22
Translation: reports short-term

plot to kill 37
Dream description: support to be given

conspire against friends 59
Meaning: good intentions

conspire against the state 64
Translation of the dream: unexpected aid

Abbot unregulated 56
Interpretation: benefits

Abbess in seclusion 32
Sense of the dream: good deal

abandon 60
What does it mean: insincerity, treachery of a friend

put your hands down 5
Meaning of the dream: fatality

tear down something using an ax 1
Description: unexpected losses

watering hole with horses 68
Interpretation of the dream: interesting journey

dress up 14
Translation: you underestimate

rough out 62
Dream description: willingness constructive

to hug 58
Meaning: need for affection

dwell 30
Translation of the dream: failures

sew a dress 31
Interpretation: suspects

recant 90
Sense of the dream: bad omen

abjure their religion 19
What does it mean: bad omen

abhor 44
Meaning of the dream: mortification

squabble 15
Description: personal needs or privacy issues

crumple paper 35
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and money

crumple fruit 16
Translation: good business

crumple sugar 27
Dream description: Deception woman

crumple coffee 32
Meaning: new knowledge

crumple sweets 59
Translation of the dream: unjust accusations