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Buy silver tray. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream buy silver tray. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

buy tray 67
Meaning of the dream: new relationships

silver tray 29
Description: sudden trip

buy silver 66
Interpretation of the dream: repentance useless

small tray 7
Translation: moodiness

wooden tray 68
Dream description: unrealizable ambitions

gold tray 4
Meaning: wishes fulfilled

porcelain tray 85
Translation of the dream: quiet life

brass tray 54
Interpretation: ambiguous proposals

tray 84
Sense of the dream: Waste of money

drop a tray 82
What does it mean: economic problems

tray with glasses 60
Meaning of the dream: safety and benefits

tray with cups 16
Description: momentum in activity

tray with biscuits 65
Interpretation of the dream: new friends

bring tray 53
Translation: profitable business

tray with chocolates 78
Dream description: important news

round tray 26
Meaning: overcome difficulties

rectangular tray 70
Translation of the dream: slow improvement

close the tray 20
Interpretation: inhibitions and complexes

large tray 24
Sense of the dream: order and responsibility

buy porcelain 18
What does it mean: you ve got a difficult task

tray with dragees 89
Meaning of the dream: good romantic relationships

buy auction 16
Description: fickle opinions

buy starch 75
Interpretation of the dream: happiness without contrasts

give tray 35
Translation: excellent profits

empty tray 33
Dream description: inner restlessness

silver chiseled 10
Meaning: Dangerous Liaisons

silver 51
Translation of the dream: It symbolizes the moon, intuition and feminine aspects of yourself

silver snuff 11
Interpretation: wrath

Silver beaten 44
Sense of the dream: lost objects

silver rod 10
What does it mean: drastic solution

short silver 25
Meaning of the dream: confidence poorly rewarded

buy items 3
Description: gain

silver candlestick 51
Interpretation of the dream: excessive impulsiveness

Silver Whistle 45
Translation: repair to give

buy animals 44
Dream description: Fortunately some

buy jewelry 78
Meaning: Suffering for love

buy a mink 17
Translation of the dream: hard times

buy foods 30
Interpretation: ideas sad

buy eggs 2
Sense of the dream: dangerous attachment

buy firewood 1
What does it mean: intolerance

buy property 4
Meaning of the dream: do not be reckless in your business

buy the encyclopedia 35
Description: Fortunately in small business

silver solder 44
Interpretation of the dream: disagreements with relatives

buy fruit 77
Translation: advantages secrets

buy an ox 32
Dream description: disloyalty of friends

buy flowers 39
Meaning: kindness received

buy drinks 3
Translation of the dream: enmities occult

buy medicines 79
Interpretation: enthusiasm

buy weapons 44
Sense of the dream: anger

silver pot 10
What does it mean: deserved awards

buy garlic 7
Meaning of the dream: bad faith

buy object 16
Description: Effective collaboration and profitable

buy peppers 9
Interpretation of the dream: reward

buy celery 39
Translation: interesting news

buy strings 10
Dream description: long wait

buy carpet 38
Meaning: new relationships

buy tiles 8
Translation of the dream: unexpected meeting