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Buy property. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream buy property. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

buy property 4
Meaning of the dream: do not be reckless in your business

property 40
Description: six materialist

property administrator 4
Interpretation of the dream: need for new responsibilities

Church property 45
Translation: Economic instability

government property 88
Dream description: need for aid

share a property 9
Meaning: original ideas

inherit property 41
Translation of the dream: sacrifice honored

stolen property 49
Interpretation: you are too credulous

possession of property of others 47
Sense of the dream: change of luck

aging property 17
What does it mean: disadvantageous contracts

enclose a property 34
Meaning of the dream: temptations to overcome

income property 58
Description: serenity and balance

receive property 45
Interpretation of the dream: possible marriage

sell property 60
Translation: loss of security

rent property 6

community of property 16

division of property 15

Property manager senior 21
Interpretation: vivacity of ideas

hand over lost property 43
Sense of the dream: does not take advantage of the mistakes of others

receive property as a gift 8
What does it mean: marriage with the person whose appearance or quality will be agreeable in proportion of the wealth of the gift

bees that make honey on your property 8
Meaning of the dream: spirit of consideration, eloquence and total success of your business and your projects

property of large gardens or orchards 45
Description: pleasure, happiness, health, wealth, family, honor in the family

buy 18
Interpretation of the dream: happy and prosperous fortune

buy anything 38
Translation: good wishes

buy and see something 71
Dream description: disgrace

buy a novel 81
Meaning: personality influenced

buy the saw 63
Translation of the dream: inner satisfaction

buy a lighter 49
Interpretation: agreements that fail

buy vinegar 47
Sense of the dream: travel

buy brandy 35
What does it mean: minor accident

buy watercolor 59
Meaning of the dream: ambition

buy items 3
Description: gain

buy animals 44
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately some

buy jewelry 78
Translation: Suffering for love

buy fruit 77
Dream description: advantages secrets

buy flowers 39
Meaning: kindness received

buy foods 30
Translation of the dream: ideas sad

buy drinks 3
Interpretation: enmities occult

buy wine 12
Sense of the dream: Luckily the game

buy eggs 2
What does it mean: dangerous attachment

buy clothes 87
Meaning of the dream: Donations

buy medicines 79
Description: enthusiasm

buy firewood 1
Interpretation of the dream: intolerance

buy auction 16
Translation: fickle opinions

buy weapons 44
Dream description: anger

buy agenda 39
Meaning: melancholy passing

buy garlic 7
Translation of the dream: bad faith

buy citrus 2
Interpretation: false news

buy apricots 70
Sense of the dream: change of position

buy alcohol 58
What does it mean: donation from relatives

buy starch 75
Meaning of the dream: happiness without contrasts

buy eel 16
Description: sadness passing

buy an apartment 18
Interpretation of the dream: secret pain

buy ass 67
Translation: personal prestige

buy car 72
Dream description: gained notoriety

buy shares 25
Meaning: betrayal secret

buy toys 10
Translation of the dream: chimerical dreams

buy a boat 17
Interpretation: luck in business

buy the battery 15
Sense of the dream: old problems to be solved

buy a bazaar 41
What does it mean: irresolute spirit

buy the woodcock 75
Meaning of the dream: torments and doubts

buy the bible 70
Description: inner struggles

buy biscuits 54
Interpretation of the dream: clumsy actions

buy a mouthpiece 81
Translation: sudden rise

buy the bag 24
Dream description: significant activities

buy a breviary 16
Meaning: desire for detente

buy brilliant 27
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

buy the jug 48
Interpretation: lack of ideas