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Buy camera. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream buy camera. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

reel camera 76
Meaning of the dream: clear days

see the camera 55
Description: aid

camera 35
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with friends

video camera 75
Translation: you need support from someone

lens of the camera 55
Dream description: winnings

buy socks 11
Meaning: requited love

buy candied 48
Translation of the dream: hopes realized

buy slippers 37
Interpretation: dangerous temptations

buy oil 16
Sense of the dream: invitation to accept

buy peaches 80
What does it mean: tough business

buy silver 66
Meaning of the dream: repentance useless

buy armor 62
Description: impediments and delays

buy milk 42
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected gain

buy seeds 44
Translation: good job performance

buy cabbage 15
Dream description: small opposition

buy eggs 2
Meaning: dangerous attachment

buy shells 29
Translation of the dream: curiosity satisfied

buy fruit 77
Interpretation: advantages secrets

buy a hat 19
Sense of the dream: harmonious social relationships

buy the comb 23
What does it mean: change of residence

buy the bucket 27
Meaning of the dream: increase vitality

buy drugs 53
Description: unprofitable business

buy rice 76
Interpretation of the dream: momentary setbacks

buy grapes 8
Translation: disconcerting discovery

buy watermelon 84
Dream description: good professional reputation

buy vegetables 54
Meaning: sacrifices for the family

buy sandals 79
Translation of the dream: altruism and generosity

buy cigarettes 77
Interpretation: exchange of courtesies

buy boots 22
Sense of the dream: good omens

buy dresses 84
What does it mean: desire for freedom

buy bicycles 55
Meaning of the dream: desire for love

buy calendar 18
Description: new openings in the labor

buy pot 26
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment of choice

buy lambs 17
Translation: amazement

buy a purse 11
Dream description: obstinacy from curb

buy a rosemary 38
Meaning: opposition solvable

buy a sled 49
Translation of the dream: unscrupulous actions

buy chocolate 20
Interpretation: complications momentary

buy a boat 17
Sense of the dream: luck in business

buy pottery 53
What does it mean: small gains

buy a scrap 56
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

buy poison 9
Description: distressing problems

buy a farm 67
Interpretation of the dream: fruitful relationships

buy a bra 39
Translation: careful selection

buy tomatoes 70
Dream description: fatigue resistance

buy wine 12
Meaning: Luckily the game

buy motorcycle 72
Translation of the dream: gained notoriety

buy the chair 10
Interpretation: meetings irritants

buy paper 76
Sense of the dream: passion and ambition

buy a razor 8
What does it mean: rebellion useless

buy villa 33
Meaning of the dream: changes of opinion

buy a foal 4
Description: wisdom and prudence

buy a salmon 30
Interpretation of the dream: return of a friend

buy a piano 13
Translation: solid friendships

buy Warmer 19
Dream description: changeability of mood

buy silk 44
Meaning: social ambitions

buy a lipstick 6
Translation of the dream: enthusiasm to moderate

buy underwear 40
Interpretation: personal satisfaction

buy alcohol 58
Sense of the dream: donation from relatives

buy thermometer 86
What does it mean: sure way

buy the shirt 18
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

buy Parmesan 27
Description: skills in the work