Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

button up

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: button up

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85 button up

65 button
good omen

35 golden button
bad advice

38 silver button
resentment to overcome

39 button bone
wins sensational

84 glass button
prodigality eccentric

81 sew on a button
vain search for an ideal

18 lose a button
agitation and insomnia

74 reattach a button
satisfactory balance

58 touch of a button
unexpected proposals

81 find a button
small gains

90 mother of pearl button
cracks and separations

2 button or piano keyboard
everything will be for the better

18 buttoning the dress

78 buttoning his pants

1 buttoning his shirt
quiet affair

25 buttoning her coat

16 buttoning up the dress of a woman
end in sight

18 buttoned cuffs
bond passenger

26 buttoning the collar
lasting joy

60 attaching buttons
false flatterers

31 coat unbuttoned
you re too suspicious

52 see their buttocks

11 buttocks see those of another

73 unbutton
inner restlessness

21 unbutton his jacket
inner restlessness

19 unbutton his pants
fluctuations in the profession

60 unbutton her dress
thirst for freedom

4 unbutton your coat
strong critical sense

77 unbutton his gloves
emotional sensitivity

19 rip buttons
good working relationships

65 buttocks
there will be gossip, infidelity from friends and relatives