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Button alarm. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream button alarm. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

alarm for riot 15
Meaning of the dream: Memory lively

waking to an alarm 34
Description: unnecessary risk

alarm 5
Interpretation of the dream: excessive dynamism

alarm fire 84
Translation: liberation from boring people

hear alarm 14
Dream description: protection from family

alarm thieves 83
Meaning: passing clouds

put in alarm 81
Translation of the dream: responsibility falls

alarm sirens 47
Interpretation: change surprise

Alarm in prison 14
Sense of the dream: unexpected support

alarm the creditors 29
What does it mean: physical endurance

military Alarm 80
Meaning of the dream: you have so much desire to fight

alarm debtors 4
Description: unjust decisions

load the alarm 72
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected encounters

alarm whistle 7
Translation: willingness combative

button 65
Dream description: good omen

alarm signal 34
Meaning: favorable changes

give an alarm 81
Translation of the dream: emotional intensity

hear the alarm sound 55
Interpretation: projects to be completed

false alarm 4
Sense of the dream: liberation from melancholy

radio alarm 47
What does it mean: you need to make healthy physical activity

travel alarm 36
Meaning of the dream: balance and discipline

jacket button 67
Description: incomes

repair an alarm 57
Interpretation of the dream: confused

button to wrists 52
Translation: loves passengers

alarm parents 2
Dream description: lasting achievements

white button 38
Meaning: missed opportunity

broken button 54
Translation of the dream: window of opportunity

brilliant button 80
Interpretation: gift on arrival

reattach a button 74
Sense of the dream: satisfactory balance

button bone 39
What does it mean: wins sensational

colored button 88
Meaning of the dream: You should begin to exploit your talents in other ways

cotton button 21
Description: burning Love

Silk Button 83
Interpretation of the dream: important innovations and changes

to dress button 75
Translation: do a new knowledge

bright little button 68
Dream description: realization of a project

find a button 81
Meaning: small gains

lose a button 18
Translation of the dream: agitation and insomnia

buy an alarm clock 35
Interpretation: discovery of a secret

golden button 35
Sense of the dream: bad advice

silver button 38
What does it mean: resentment to overcome

Wood Button 62
Meaning of the dream: violent arguments

overcoat button 41
Description: There you are freed of something

Uniform button 14
Interpretation of the dream: tries to be wider views

button or piano keyboard 2
Translation: everything will be for the better

glass button 84
Dream description: prodigality eccentric

ivory button 1
Meaning: injustice

alabaster button 17
Translation of the dream: return of an old flame

button of his waistcoat 16
Interpretation: dispute with family

tortoiseshell button 6
Sense of the dream: You have patience

mother of pearl button 90
What does it mean: cracks and separations

sew on a button 81
Meaning of the dream: vain search for an ideal

metal button 32
Description: dangerous trip

touch of a button 58
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected proposals

button up 85
Translation: imprudence

Alarm clock 79
Dream description: Professional Success

belly button 43
Meaning: important decision

stop alert 67
Translation of the dream: big profit

being hit by shrapnel 15
Interpretation: bickering love