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Butterfly resurrected. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream butterfly resurrected. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead butterfly 51
Meaning of the dream: Hidden Danger

moth (butterfly) 22
Description: vanity and loss

Butterfly on flowers 11
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant but vain illusions

butterfly flying 13
Translation: changing ideas

catch the butterfly 41
Dream description: fickle affections

colorful butterfly 49
Meaning: extravagant spending

butterfly near a lamp 39
Translation of the dream: ephemeral achievements

butterfly collection 81
Interpretation: business cheated

resurrected 52
Sense of the dream: possibility to expand friendships

see the moth 16
What does it mean: judgments little benevolent

moth killer 29
Meaning of the dream: suspicions

bow tie 12
Description: mundane aspects renegades

take the moth 19
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous gossip of neighbors

kill the moth 67
Translation: victory over enemies

seize butterflies 46
Dream description: infidelity

cantharides (butterflies) 84
Meaning: haughtiness

revive a garment 73
Translation of the dream: opposition will walk

revive a child 80
Interpretation: righteousness and loyalty

revive a schoolboy 14
Sense of the dream: businesses difficult

revive a project 18
What does it mean: Good ideas

resurrection 30
Meaning of the dream: There's something new events

see dead 57
Description: joy

undertaker resurrecting 20
Interpretation of the dream: risk of theft

dance with the dead 35
Translation: many business and little gain

chrysalis 88
Dream description: you could benefit from a person you know

butterflies 3
Meaning: inconstancy

be watched over dead 10
Translation of the dream: bad news

white bow 7
Interpretation: malevolent judgments

firefly in the hair 30
Sense of the dream: spirit of initiative creativity and ideas

take a firefly 42
What does it mean: desire to find new stimuli

hunt butterflies 61
Meaning of the dream: dangerous waste of money

chasing butterflies 36
Description: quarrels dangerous

revive colors 85
Interpretation of the dream: agreement in family

Firefly at home 88
Translation: new life in the family

butterflies hunt them 4
Dream description: boyishness

fireflies in the garden 44
Meaning: major transformation for your femininity

revive a man 8
Translation of the dream: failure to repair

revive shop 77
Interpretation: commitments embarrassing

revive a ball 79
Sense of the dream: strange situations

reintegrate 14
What does it mean: a lot of physical and mental energy

revive forces 12
Meaning of the dream: decisions to return

revive a woman 44
Description: disagreements over money

Firefly in hand 27
Interpretation of the dream: do not miss an opportunity positive

re-elect 38
Translation: excessive vanity

Think again 23
Dream description: family trouble

revive a wounded 26
Meaning: position of responsibility

reviving an old 84
Translation of the dream: harmony of relationships

being stung by a gadfly 20
Interpretation: a threat hit you

revive a drowned 2
Sense of the dream: vitality and momentum

fall again 2
What does it mean: comfort and awards

revive a friendship 28
Meaning of the dream: torments unnecessary

person revived 52
Description: you are experiencing a period of fears

revive trade 64
Interpretation of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

remarry 46
Translation: repeated experiences