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Butterfly dies. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream butterfly dies. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

acrobat dies 63
Meaning of the dream: cunning masquerade

leper who dies 32

wounded dies 59

creature that dies 76

butterfly 69
Dream description: little consistency in the feelings and love in particular

catch a butterfly 60
Meaning: inconstancy

butterfly flying 13
Translation of the dream: changing ideas

butterfly near a lamp 39
Interpretation: ephemeral achievements

dead butterfly 51
Sense of the dream: Hidden Danger

Butterfly on flowers 11
What does it mean: pleasant but vain illusions

catch the butterfly 41
Meaning of the dream: fickle affections

moth (butterfly) 22
Description: vanity and loss

butterfly collection 81

colorful butterfly 49

illiterate who studies 80
Dream description: serenity of spirit

butter 31
Meaning: fortune

buy a butter 86
Translation of the dream: good health

eat butter 12
Interpretation: malignant insinuations

make butter 38
Sense of the dream: benevolent people

fresh butter 11
What does it mean: missteps

rancid butter 29
Meaning of the dream: loneliness

cocoa butter 12
Description: arrogance of friends

ladieswear 50
Interpretation of the dream: concerns and bad luck

chasing butterflies 36
Translation: quarrels dangerous

candies 72
Dream description: good news

fruit candies 9
Meaning: new friendships

concentrate on their studies 30
Translation of the dream: adaptation to the environment

seasoning butter 67
Interpretation: suffering unstable

croutons with butter 61
Sense of the dream: balance and moderation

Director of Studies 81
What does it mean: emotional bonds to strengthen

cantharides (butterflies) 84
Meaning of the dream: haughtiness

falling bodies 13
Description: infirmity

ladies into flames cruelly tortured 6
Interpretation of the dream: sadness and regret boredom melancholy and illness

fry in butter 3
Translation: poor agreement with the spouse

immerse themselves in their studies 30
Dream description: some serious quarrel

melt butter 14
Meaning: low satisfaction

butterflies 3
Translation of the dream: inconstancy

butterflies hunt them 4
Interpretation: boyishness

seize butterflies 46
Sense of the dream: infidelity

gallantry with the ladies 44
What does it mean: satisfaction and good health

macaroni and butter 72
Meaning of the dream: difficulties and opposition

ladies watch 57
Description: desire for achievements

pan with butter 5
Interpretation of the dream: good health

buttered bun 34
Translation: laziness and dissatisfaction

pasta with butter 75
Dream description: benevolent people

polenta with butter 89
Meaning: contrasts in the work

white buttercups 80
Translation of the dream: contrasts with a child

yellow buttercups 62
Interpretation: conquest durable

red buttercups 17
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

buttercups marsh 74
What does it mean: tittle-tattle

buy buttercups 71
Meaning of the dream: happiness in love

sever buttercups 89
Description: quirks and moods

cultivate buttercups 8
Interpretation of the dream: vitality

do bunches of buttercups 12
Translation: constancy in the affections

sow buttercups 58
Dream description: obstinacy

sell buttercups 60
Meaning: unstable character

risotto with butter 38
Translation of the dream: financial trouble

spread butter 19
Interpretation: choice to make

do their own studies 6
Sense of the dream: joy of long life

buttercups 16
What does it mean: sorrows

buttered sandwich 34
Meaning of the dream: laziness and dissatisfaction

grease with butter 79
Description: interior revolt

buttered 81
Interpretation of the dream: achievements to be defended

diesel 48

butter biscuits 54

monaco that studies 23

vermicelli in butter 81

butter yellow 29

hunt butterflies 61

fettuccine with butter 58

basket with butter 64

potato with butter 68