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Business study. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream business study. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

industrious study 76
Meaning of the dream: sacrifices appreciated

tireless study 38
Description: intolerance of others

judicious study 65
Interpretation of the dream: safe location

slow study 3
Translation: commitments to be paid

counteract a study 64
Dream description: bad relationships

doing business 77
Meaning: you are very resourceful

angry business 21
Translation of the dream: spiritual life fruitful

talk business 9
Interpretation: protection to be granted

liquidate business 34
Sense of the dream: pleasant meeting

train study 37
What does it mean: versatile nature

discuss business 4
Meaning of the dream: news like arriving

love the study 76
Description: extravagant ideas

Perhaps the study 18
Interpretation of the dream: issues to be resolved

detest the study 83
Translation: inconstancy in activities

encourage the study 26
Dream description: loss of a friendship

recommend the study 13
Meaning: vivacity of spirit

study with difficulty 17
Translation of the dream: pleasant activities

continue the study 62
Interpretation: nervousness and bad mood

arithmetic study 10
Sense of the dream: You want to become a mother

new business 43
What does it mean: uncertainty

private business 12
Meaning of the dream: loss to the game

crazy business 78
Description: waste of money

company that does business 3
Interpretation of the dream: challenging decision

business appointment 82
Translation: waste of time

Business offers 32
Dream description: accuses dangerous

suspended business 84
Meaning: joys next

English study 87
Translation of the dream: want to get rid of an obstacle

ruffling business 54
Interpretation: new horizons

little study 8
Sense of the dream: emotional crisis

business directory 47
What does it mean: ill health

company business 42
Meaning of the dream: unexpected meeting

business cycle 65
Description: you want to win at all costs a challenge

study 37
Interpretation of the dream: ingenuity

lawyer in the study 34
Translation: lack of loyal friends

lover of the study 47
Dream description: criticisms and disappointments

persistence in the study 2
Meaning: ingenuity

applied to the study 82
Translation of the dream: sorrows

watch for study 17
Interpretation: lively temperament

study with others 2
Sense of the dream: excessive voltage

inclination to the study 65
What does it mean: trust in others

business correspondence 59
Meaning of the dream: conquest difficult

excel in the study 54
Description: sudden melancholy

study in the evening 34
Interpretation of the dream: susceptibility excessive

astrology study 85
Translation: Fortunately rising

toast to the outcome of a study 24
Dream description: sweeping changes

dirty business 43
Meaning: regret for lost opportunities

active business 56
Translation of the dream: expressions of sympathy

Business Report 83
Interpretation: responsibility to deal

business thwarted 6
Sense of the dream: next advantage

thinking business 30
What does it mean: independence to defend

study seminary 10
Meaning of the dream: seriousness of purpose

written business 74
Description: intimate joy

foreign business 36
Interpretation of the dream: melancholies

Starting up a business 14
Translation: unnecessary troubles

study at school 6
Dream description: new hope

lighting of study 87
Meaning: process lost

plunge in business 26
Translation of the dream: waste of time

career in business 58
Interpretation: economic concerns

business relationship 45
Sense of the dream: discussions with employees