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Bury a living person. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bury a living person. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bury a living person 79
Meaning of the dream: unfair competition

bury 7
Description: request for aid

see someone bury 50
Interpretation of the dream: hopes to heal

bury dead 49
Translation: Fortunately the work

bury the carcass 49
Dream description: incomprehension affective

bury bones 78
Meaning: misfortune

bury animals 58
Translation of the dream: toward a goal

bury the dead 33
Interpretation: important conclusions

bury alive 48
Sense of the dream: joy short-lived

bury jewels 45
What does it mean: physical weakness

bury objects 27
Meaning of the dream: discouragement

scuttle or bury a dead 58
Description: News coming soon

put in the grave, bury 42
Interpretation of the dream: false joy

bury stolen goods 27
Translation: discontent and discouragement

living in a hovel 44
Dream description: superficiality of judgment

living with children 74
Meaning: friendships

living parents 36
Translation of the dream: protections

living in retirement 18
Interpretation: trouble with family

living crib 56
Sense of the dream: well directed initiatives

living room 4
What does it mean: you will be slandered

living abroad 61
Meaning of the dream: complex to be overcome

living in a village 61
Description: serenity and peace

living with brothers 63
Interpretation of the dream: projects slow but sure

living be burned 37
Translation: bad action

living soul 21

living phenomenon 25

sing for a living 7

living room chair 76
Interpretation: important negotiations

living room with people 11
Sense of the dream: complicated situation

empty living room 9
What does it mean: peaceful family environment

living being thrown in water 9
Meaning of the dream: many worries and thoughts

high cost of living 15

cost of living increase 23

lighting living room 68

chandelier living room 18

living room sofas choirs 74
Meaning: pleasant news

indicate a person 58
Translation of the dream: new events

person 11
Interpretation: desire to bring out our personalities

little person 80

beautify the person 88
What does it mean: help from a friend

blind person 20
Meaning of the dream: mourning relatives

bite a person 7
Description: joys and pleasures

raise a person 19
Interpretation of the dream: wisdom actions

person ambiguous 14
Translation: improvised by the children

see an elderly person 42
Dream description: happiness

see surrender a person 11
Meaning: fortune

opponent a person 64
Translation of the dream: Good news

warn a person 64
Interpretation: Good news

approach by a person 16
Sense of the dream: honors

mustache person 75
What does it mean: Luckily nearby

contradict a person 18
Meaning of the dream: benefits from family

compel a person 39
Description: chatter

decant a person 81
Interpretation of the dream: requests for help

demolish a person 30
Translation: sentimental mishap

decay of a person 10
Dream description: Negative thoughts

person unadorned 27
Meaning: maturity of spirit

detachment from a person 74
Translation of the dream: alarming news

exciting person 12
Interpretation: ephemeral pleasures

person equivocal 82
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

prevent a person 62
What does it mean: exuberant fantasy

facilitate a person 17
Meaning of the dream: capacity of resistance

injure a person 5
Description: disappointments

stop a person 85
Interpretation of the dream: lively imagination

ants on the person 13
Translation: danger of leakage

cold to the person 25
Dream description: opinions unstable

insect on person 73
Meaning: chatter unpleasant

to blame a person known to you 88
Translation of the dream: unexpected gains

guide person 45
Interpretation: listening to those who have more experience than you

Italian person 3
Sense of the dream: equal footing

biting a person 72
What does it mean: lies and gossip