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Burst into tears. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream burst into tears. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

burst into tears 54
Meaning of the dream: difficult issue to solve

The tears 45
Description: unwelcome visit

dripping tears 65
Interpretation of the dream: humiliation

swallow tears 23
Translation: bad times

repress tears 57
Dream description: explaining to do

hold back the tears 30
Meaning: quarrels with relatives

droop in tears 18
Translation of the dream: mishaps passengers

tears 69
Interpretation: consolation, happy outcome

weep or shed tears 3
Sense of the dream: on the contrary that in reality, are a sign of joy, of pleasant news, visit welcome

drying tears 36
What does it mean: intuition wrong

tears of pain 70
Meaning of the dream: turning point

tears of joy 73
Description: solicitations

break into sobs 17
Interpretation of the dream: compromising friendships

bring tears to your face 50
Translation: want to see a situation clearly

see tears on your face 58
Dream description: slowness at work

tears repressed 20
Meaning: unjustified antipathy

see tears fall on your face 65
Translation of the dream: expected moments of joy

burst out laughing 87
Interpretation: prevention to overcome

burst into exclamations 11
Sense of the dream: success on opponents

burst with joy 68
What does it mean: economic disadvantages

burst of applause 88
Meaning of the dream: delusions of grandeur

crazy crying 15
Description: welcome gift

agonized crying 42
Interpretation of the dream: overwork and unnerving

curb crying 71
Translation: opportunity for revenge

He died crying 13
Dream description: negative experience

break out in curses 13
Meaning: stubbornness and obstinacy

burst in insults 68
Translation of the dream: negotiations uncertain

burst tire 67
Interpretation: lack of loyalty

burst of anger 55
Sense of the dream: unpleasant constriction

burst 83
What does it mean: a lot of pressure and stress

healthy crying 15
Meaning of the dream: generous impulses

tear pamphlets 18
Description: boredom and melancholy

ancestor weeping 71
Interpretation of the dream: discussion controversy

eagle crying 20
Translation: be wary of all

jailer crying 15
Dream description: uncontrolled passion

sick crying 86
Meaning: growth of assets

Abbess crying 11
Translation of the dream: your riches are set to increase

Crane crying 65
Interpretation: Excessive fantasy

abbot crying 54
Sense of the dream: New appointments

Dancer crying 59
What does it mean: tendency to pessimism

angel crying 9
Meaning of the dream: protection not required

feverish crying 66
Description: I gave you my precise instructions

damn crying 60
Interpretation of the dream: long wait patient

comic crying 77
Translation: danger of breakage

lover crying 57
Dream description: animosity justified

weep for smoke 41
Meaning: anxiety and uncertainty

a tertiary crying 61
Translation of the dream: need for greater freedom

crying in pain 70
Interpretation: next joy

burst of weapons 59
Sense of the dream: estrus

clothes tear on your face 13
What does it mean: your life comfortable and safe

boy crying 50
Meaning of the dream: increasing business

burst of firecrackers 73
Description: sentimental aspirations