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Burnt wiring. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream burnt wiring. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tangle of wires 86
Meaning of the dream: Negative thoughts

burnt food 1
Description: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

burnt pizza 86
Interpretation of the dream: success in love

gloves burned 75
Translation: attention at high speed

burnt magnesia 17
Dream description: concern for the family

burnt bones 66
Meaning: bad omens

cable tie 10
Translation of the dream: next displeasure

puppet with wires 39
Interpretation: exceptional strength

ropes and cables, musical instrument 31
Sense of the dream: sadness

burned egg 27
What does it mean: business in danger

burned feet 25
Meaning of the dream: excessive ambitions

electric cord 42
Description: work proposals

burned child 5
Interpretation of the dream: Unexpected gifts

fasten cords 1
Translation: earnings

ropes and cords 20
Dream description: embarrassments and effort

hone wires 78
Meaning: character reckless and careless

black wire 55
Translation of the dream: aggressive intentions

wire 22
Interpretation: fight with relatives

burnt focaccia 10
Sense of the dream: unstable relationships

coil of wire 18
What does it mean: wealth

needleful of silver wire 3
Meaning of the dream: insecurity and inability to focus on things

baking sheet 89
Description: jealousies Family

burnt 70
Interpretation of the dream: ill health

wood burning 25
Translation: threads boring

spinning 46
Dream description: anxieties

chestnuts burned 43
Meaning: program changes

white wire 77
Translation of the dream: gossip and slander

starry Night 3
Interpretation: interesting discovery

spinning mill 36
Sense of the dream: Your diligence will be rewarded evil

electrical wire 1
What does it mean: confusion between dream and reality

submarine cable 5
Meaning of the dream: momentary success

spinning hemp 22
Description: sorrows short

omelet burnt 45
Interpretation of the dream: great aspirations

burnt bread 58
Translation: generosity and altruism

carousel spinning 37
Dream description: need to cling to someone

peasant spinning 80
Meaning: prudence and concentration

receive a cable 11
Translation of the dream: novelty very helpful

cithara 50
Interpretation: novelty

starry sky 4
Sense of the dream: unexpected gains

spinning cotton 53
What does it mean: happy event affective

burnt book 88
Meaning of the dream: new guidelines

wire mesh 4
Description: good health

spinning hand 44
Interpretation of the dream: minor glitches

spinning wool 30
Translation: flatterers dangerous

trunk with money 26
Dream description: happy hours and relaxing

burned wood 42
Meaning: unpleasant embarrassment

woman burned 20
Translation of the dream: lightness in love

spinning machine 24
Interpretation: great tenacity in effort

burning bed 5
Sense of the dream: intellectual abilities

it smells like burnt 44
What does it mean: requited love

donut burned 37
Meaning of the dream: when advantageous

electric coil 60
Description: minor setbacks

wrap a wire 47
Interpretation of the dream: doubts tormenting

burned language 11
Translation: moral resistance