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Burns language. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream burns language. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

burns language 1
Meaning of the dream: lack of self-control

Italian language 59
Description: you re comfortable

treat burns 11

facial burns 9
Translation: inner turmoil

eat your language 89
Dream description: quick decision-making

Aramaic language 15
Meaning: you have some fear deep in the unconscious

human language 46
Translation of the dream: afraid to talk

salty language 90

burned language 11
Sense of the dream: moral resistance

language fall 59

the cooked language 45
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation with relatives

Oak burns 35
Description: waste of money

language 27
Interpretation of the dream: you are not sincere

burned 83
Translation: you feel unsafe

foreign language 88

Animal language 28
Meaning: discomfort and discontent

provincial language 89
Translation of the dream: new friendships and acquaintances

difficult language 54

speak a foreign language 3
Sense of the dream: liberation from commitments

burns the nose 37
What does it mean: Dangerous distractions

mastery of a foreign language 15
Meaning of the dream: possible trip

tongue 27
Description: you are not sincere

smoked tongue 56
Interpretation of the dream: hard battles to sustain

little tongue 8

red tongue 66

language convention 10

snake tongue 88

big tongue 45

ox tongue 84

bite his tongue 21

burn your tongue 11
Meaning of the dream: moral resistance

cut off the tongue 42
Description: you want to stop someone from talking

pork tongue 26

have his tongue cut off 16
Translation: you can not express yourself

swaddle sunburn 8

burning to the tongue 20
Meaning: protection from family

language school 72
Translation of the dream: from health check

popping of the tongue 27
Interpretation: break with a friend

strain that burns 80

fleet that burns 40

bladder for sunburn 80
Meaning of the dream: moral force

learn languages 54
Description: According to the elderly

French kiss 15

burned with fire 43
Translation: dreams true

burned with a hot iron 85
Dream description: fighting spirit

Burning 9
Meaning: freedom from annoying people

burning hands 10
Translation of the dream: excessive dynamism

stomach ache 36
Interpretation: Decision to be taken

burning coal 63
Sense of the dream: opponents to deal

burned feet 25
What does it mean: excessive ambitions

Celts 54

Swedish 48

Persian 38
Interpretation of the dream: hardships

burning Love 90
Translation: fear of deceit

combustion arm 44
Dream description: wrong actions departing

gossips 15
Meaning: disappointment from someone

burning oil 86
Translation of the dream: caution at work

burn your hands 10
Interpretation: laziness in decisions

foot with frostbite 72

bigmouth 68
What does it mean: tittletattle

learn Spanish 54

repair speaker 43
Description: capacity of decision

bilingual 68

burned child 5
Translation: Unexpected gifts

burned wood 42
Dream description: unpleasant embarrassment

burnt bread 58
Meaning: generosity and altruism