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Burglar with crowbar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream burglar with crowbar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

chaining a thief 5
Meaning of the dream: strong earnings

recognize a thief 29
Description: Success in business

follow a thief 88
Interpretation of the dream: lack of confidence

unmask a thief 46
Translation: Serious discussions

face a thief 27
Dream description: envy

denounce a thief 81
Meaning: tough period

assaulted by a thief 39
Translation of the dream: projects that fade

bitten by a thief 49
Interpretation: regret for things lost

be approached by a thief 2
Sense of the dream: your projects will be realized

young thief 28
What does it mean: inner conflicts

thief arrested 90
Meaning of the dream: intuition ready

thief hiding 39
Description: you are experiencing a period of little professional freedom

thief caught 52
Interpretation of the dream: complications in negotiations

landlord thief 4
Translation: negative experience

son thief 41
Dream description: crisis of rebellion

judging thief 64
Meaning: bad speculations

loot thief 13
Translation of the dream: burning Love

unpunished thief 53
Interpretation: decrease of vitality

hunt thief 78
Sense of the dream: activities in crisis

beggar thief 56
What does it mean: discover pleasant

rapacious thief 34
Meaning of the dream: risky and dangerous adventures

apprentice thief 52
Description: dreams that fade away

intermarry with thief 72
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

convicted thief 62
Translation: betrayed promises

accomplice thief 18
Dream description: You want to get rid of a bad habit

pinning thief 26
Meaning: impulsive temperament

chopped thief 35
Translation of the dream: unexpected success

thief lover 31
Interpretation: reconciliation with relatives

handcuffed a thief 13
Sense of the dream: arrogance of employees

gag thief 80
What does it mean: contemptuous attitudes

junk thief 87
Meaning of the dream: unexpected betrayal

kill the thief 61
Description: subterfuge discovered

Thief day 63
Interpretation of the dream: scarce energy

thief in court 27
Translation: desire for solitude

Thief in house 6
Dream description: nervousness and discomfort

catch a thief 49
Meaning: craftiness

thief in the night 21
Translation of the dream: situations which are contrary

thief in prison 81
Interpretation: danger of loss

seeing a thief stealing 60
Sense of the dream: need for caution

articulate the foot 3
What does it mean: lack of patience with young people

foot 11
Meaning of the dream: strife and jealousy

wiggle a foot 21
Description: misunderstanding in the family

thief 66
Interpretation of the dream: insincere friendships

stop a robber 34
Translation: profits from new experiences

animal's foot 30
Dream description: small changes

leg without foot 46
Meaning: death in the family

foot with frostbite 72
Translation of the dream: disinterested advice

robber who fights 40
Interpretation: romances

wrap foot 3
Sense of the dream: You do not choose the woman who is too close

wrong foot 90
What does it mean: bad omen

X-ray to a foot 85
Meaning of the dream: Fortunately for small business

broken foot 70
Description: loss of one of your

burning foot 7
Interpretation of the dream: bodes ill

foot calluses 47
Translation: small problems

lifting off 83
Dream description: dynamism reduced

damsel thief 30
Meaning: injustice done

blunderbuss from robber 60
Translation of the dream: ingratitude from friends