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Bunker shelter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bunker shelter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bunker 15
Meaning of the dream: you do not feel satisfied

shelter 36
Description: unfastened, too diffident

get into a shelter 19
Interpretation of the dream: supports safe

refuge with climbers 81
Translation: love for the new

find shelter 15
Dream description: supports important

leave the shelter 49
Meaning: reactions proud

old woman at the shelter 5
Translation of the dream: need for reflection

shelter during a hurricane 27
Interpretation: forebodings

take refuge 18
Sense of the dream: ingratitude of children

shelter from the harbor 85
What does it mean: strange events

refuge from the rain under the porch 18
Meaning of the dream: advantageous purchases

shelter for old 56
Description: encouraging news

seek refuge 55
Interpretation of the dream: serious disputes in family

shelter from the rain 62
Translation: threatening disease

offer shelter 45
Dream description: great impressionability

shelter for sick 14
Meaning: danger easily avoidable

take refuge on the porch 70
Translation of the dream: insightful

safe haven 46
Interpretation: reasonable decision

political asylum 44
Sense of the dream: prisoner in every gesture

asylum for women 29
What does it mean: persecution from which you ll come out well despite little hope

Mountain retreat 34
Meaning of the dream: tendency to reflection

asylum 69
Description: aid

opened the asylum 77
Interpretation of the dream: new responsibilities

wear the overcoat 6
Translation: unexpected realization

old to the asylum 25
Dream description: inner insecurity

asylum for cripples 1
Meaning: messy love life

asylum for elderly 86
Translation of the dream: obstacles in the profession

barrier 68
Interpretation: you re at a crossroads and your choice is hampered

bin 78
Sense of the dream: change of program

empty bin 29
What does it mean: commitments to be

homeless 68
Meaning of the dream: needs more oomph to improve

harbor office 68
Description: He tries to look at things more carefully

harboring ill 33
Interpretation of the dream: trouble from relatives

harboring strangers 67
Translation: winning the game

harboring women 57
Dream description: resistance to fatigue

harbor beasts 47
Meaning: Good news

harboring men 6
Translation of the dream: admiration for the elderly

harboring relatives 60
Interpretation: sadness from a letter

harboring priests 15
Sense of the dream: News coming soon

harboring poor 66
What does it mean: awards undeserved

lunatics in the asylum 6
Meaning of the dream: mortification unjust

impediments 87
Description: good business performance

retreat at home 28
Interpretation of the dream: Issues that are fixed

spiritual retreat 90
Translation: easy conquest

be the asylum 70
Dream description: loss

palisade port 40
Meaning: mental efforts

recourse to the lawyer 71
Translation of the dream: change activity

stomach cramps 19
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

mouth of the harbor 49
Sense of the dream: initiatives guess

bigot scandalized 51
What does it mean: loss of confidence

recourse to a superior 20
Meaning of the dream: complex to be overcome

priest who scandalizes 4
Description: no confidence in people