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Bulldozer destroying. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream bulldozer destroying. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lightning that destroys 24
Meaning of the dream: high aspirations

to destroy 30
Description: fortune

destroy to pain 28
Interpretation of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

destroy a plea 39
Translation: severe loss

destroy a house 32
Dream description: uncertainty and depression

destroying a hornets nest 51
Meaning: changes to be made

destroy weapons 25
Translation of the dream: luck

destroy an object 90
Interpretation: dangerous situation

destroy love 51
Sense of the dream: need for prudence in speech

destroy their homes 4
What does it mean: quarrels with relatives

destroying illness 46
Meaning of the dream: great fortune

destroying hunger 79
Description: interesting journey

destroying a document 12
Interpretation of the dream: deal that goes up in smoke

fortress destroyed 69
Translation: expectations disappointed

oak destroyed 44
Dream description: to overcome prejudices

trench destroyed 76
Meaning: lack of initiative

hut destroyed 8
Translation of the dream: do you think that others see everything destroyed

city ​​destroyed 90
Interpretation: painful separation

barracks destroyed 45
Sense of the dream: confidences to avoid

garden destroyed 60
What does it mean: achieving a goal

airport destroyed 54
Meaning of the dream: reduced activity

destroyed area 70
Description: melancholy

mantilla destroyed 88
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment of choice

fleet destroyed 69
Translation: benefits from a deal

brigade destroyed 17
Dream description: Patience and perseverance

hangars destroyed 79
Meaning: adaptability

scraper 63
Translation of the dream: you have a lot of power, you re destructive

devastate a city 82
Interpretation: susceptibility and presumption

Palmyra 50
Sense of the dream: be patient

devastate fields 22
What does it mean: financial worries

wreck yourself 65
Meaning of the dream: the misfortune hounding

blasting 25
Description: intimate happiness

extirpate 85
Interpretation of the dream: severe pain

smash 30
Translation: breaking something that prevents you from continuing on our way

blasting away 41
Dream description: laziness and stubbornness

wasted effort 18
Meaning: phlegmatic temperament

ruin 53
Translation of the dream: Luckily, successes, triumphs

dissipate assets 27
Interpretation: uncertain future

smash a leg 4
Sense of the dream: prudence and concentration

wasting and dissipating 5
What does it mean: you will fall into poverty

delete numbers 62
Meaning of the dream: painful loneliness

smash sores 54
Description: will to live

demolished building 7
Interpretation of the dream: oppression

smash arm 37
Translation: momentary elation

liquidated account 27
Dream description: creative spirit

demolition of homes 27
Meaning: successful combination

busting goods 32
Translation of the dream: deserved success

Children smash 46
Interpretation: developed domain of s

smash your head 27
Sense of the dream: exuberant mentality

blasting landmine 1
What does it mean: mild pain

consumed by love 55
Meaning of the dream: strange proposals

busting crates 50
Description: decisions guess

consumed for pain 8
Interpretation of the dream: major change

consumed candle 59
Translation: disturbing events

extirpate a tooth 16
Dream description: severe pain

demolish a fortress 8
Meaning: insincere friends