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Built huge. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream built huge. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

huge hat 89
Meaning of the dream: restless spirit

built 24
Description: intemperance harmful

massive wall 22
Interpretation of the dream: you are not sure of your choices

track 16
Translation: you need to get in touch with some aspect of yourself

monumental tomb 89
Dream description: conquests valid

flayed 1
Meaning: friends wounds

giant 16
Translation of the dream: auspicious, increase revenue cash

millipedes 72
Interpretation: huge problem that you can not overcome

bathyscaphe 88
Sense of the dream: much glory and many gains

hearty meal 7
What does it mean: compromises dangerous

colossus 11
Meaning of the dream: ruin next

giant penguin 16
Description: emotions like

made Lord 2
Interpretation of the dream: Successes and personal satisfaction

vast kingdom 9
Translation: rebellion useless

created the world 69
Dream description: boredom and loneliness

flayed rabbits 60
Meaning: good solutions

flayed animal 73
Translation of the dream: mild illness

flayed oxen 41
Interpretation: interests thwarted

ladybug giant 48
Sense of the dream: the likely entry of money

eel flayed 55
What does it mean: great fortune

flayed cats 83
Meaning of the dream: desire for love

flayed lambs 64
Description: loyalty in friendship

fooled by promises 35
Interpretation of the dream: inconsistency in the actions

big house 25
Translation: notoriety and prestige

vast plains and extended 2
Dream description: joy, success, leisure travel

bathyscaphe in port 76
Meaning: vacillating resolutions

bathyscaphe at sea 42
Translation of the dream: inattention dangerous

cake made with chestnut flour 90
Interpretation: good news

be fooled by a businessman 66
Sense of the dream: fight with enemies

dying man who made his will 8
What does it mean: contrasts with family

naked see a beautiful and well-made 79
Meaning of the dream: great sorrows

build an altar 82
Description: prudence with collaborators

old building 70
Interpretation of the dream: resentment justified

build a kite 45
Translation: moodiness family

cash a check 31
Dream description: economic difficulties

banker who collects 36
Meaning: lack of generosity

albatross (bird) 64
Translation of the dream: Good news from far off place

Construction waste transport 81
Interpretation: support to be given to an elderly

Construction waste in bags 34
Sense of the dream: ill health

stocking handmade 1
What does it mean: ideas to be implemented

build a kennel 46
Meaning of the dream: friendly meetings

construction site 22
Description: projects that fade

busy construction site 55
Interpretation of the dream: intense activity

construction site with workers 77
Translation: successfully delayed

house under construction 13
Dream description: hopes that come true

cilice 11
Meaning: success on an opponent

build up the police 64
Translation of the dream: ill will

build 17
Interpretation: moodiness family

build a house 60
Sense of the dream: good business

build a bridge 85
What does it mean: unpleasant events

build a palace 80
Meaning of the dream: declining health