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Building sea view. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream building sea view. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

empty building 13
Meaning of the dream: patient work

construct a building 6
Description: unpleasant news

beautiful building 44
Interpretation of the dream: misplaced trust

dilapidated building 78
Translation: some complications

building shored 10
Dream description: friendship poorly paid

overlook the sea 78
Meaning: right calculation

fortify a building 68
Translation of the dream: severe damage and sorrows

whitewashing building 79
Interpretation: you can help a deserving person

new building 67
Sense of the dream: gain and well-paid job

building on fire 64
What does it mean: Lost Illusions

building closed 37
Meaning of the dream: difficult and risky business

demolished building 7
Description: oppression

postal building 73
Interpretation of the dream: News coming soon

design a building 89
Translation: unnecessary fears

building brick 23
Dream description: pleasant adventures

restore a building 2
Meaning: reveries dangerous

parliament building 8
Translation of the dream: hard struggles to sustain

building under construction 34
Interpretation: change of program

old building 70
Sense of the dream: resentment justified

building with garden 26
What does it mean: false flattery

rise building 24
Meaning of the dream: little success due lack of commitment

Stone Building 35
Description: Decision to be taken

black Sea 54
Interpretation of the dream: trip likely

stormy sea 36
Translation: bad speculations

building 14
Dream description: preserve your innocence

polluted sea 81
Meaning: you feel bored

red sea 32
Translation of the dream: great energy

clear sea 60
Interpretation: programs to keep secrets

interned in the building 80
Sense of the dream: considerable losses

Adriatic Sea 12
What does it mean: great vitality

Spider sea 81
Meaning of the dream: spiritual understanding

dead sea 43
Description: art tormented by someone

sea 1
Interpretation of the dream: your unconscious and the transition between your unconscious and conscious

booth sea 38
Translation: chatter dangerous

Alpine view 42
Dream description: pleasant surprises

surf the sea 64
Meaning: happy omen for what you want

falling from the building 44
Translation of the dream: everything will be for the better

storm sea 80
Interpretation: hope of happiness for completely different

Mediterranean Sea 49
Sense of the dream: sexual desire

bad view 66
What does it mean: changes favorites

contemplate the sea 58
Meaning of the dream: gain

reeducate the view 37
Description: successfully delayed

see the sea 73
Interpretation of the dream: possibility to exploit

view of the mountain 6
Translation: tips to follow

Breast sea 49
Dream description: big events

window on the sea 75
Meaning: obstacles to overcome

view 40
Translation of the dream: horror and fright

good view 24
Interpretation: occasional activities

sea ​​with swimmers 44
Sense of the dream: recovery of lost time

door of the building 3
What does it mean: someone will help

circuit from a building 52
Meaning of the dream: tough love

baltic sea 4
Description: variability of mood

winter sea 5
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments