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Bucket on the pole. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bucket on the pole. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

poplar pole 27
Meaning of the dream: durable stability

horse pole 77
Description: sympathies dangerous

bucket 24
Interpretation of the dream: symbolizes the woman or maternity

iron pole 42
Translation: threads for interest

Antarctic pole 88
Dream description: Unexpected Journey

be at the Arctic Pole 44
Meaning: you will not have the friendships you yearn

pole vineyard 45
Translation of the dream: you'll soon have great satisfaction

bucket on the well 71
Interpretation: displays of affection

Fill a bucket 65
Sense of the dream: your emotional and financial situation will improve

empty bucket 52
What does it mean: misery in the family

urinate in a bucket 47
Meaning of the dream: you do not want others to see your weaknesses

support pole 9
Description: non-resistance

fish out a bucket 4
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant discovery

pole 63
Translation: something hinder the road but you can overcome it with perseverance and patience

full bucket 41
Dream description: probable birth

bucket clean 89
Meaning: support from friends

bucket old 4
Translation of the dream: Effective collaboration

North Pole 54
Interpretation: good address, success in love or in a deal any

bucket silver 78
Sense of the dream: resolutions to be implemented

use the bucket 32
What does it mean: new commitments

buy the bucket 27
Meaning of the dream: increase vitality

beach bucket 19
Description: arid period under the sentimental sphere

garbage in the bucket 26
Interpretation of the dream: Professional difficulty

bucket dirty 3
Translation: decisions to make

overthrow the bucket 3
Dream description: deal unproductive

plant a pole 66
Meaning: momentary concerns

bucket with water 1
Translation of the dream: winning the game

bucket mason 12
Interpretation: you have too much confidence in yourself

small bucket 18
Sense of the dream: instability of mood

bucket with milk 17
What does it mean: visits like

wash bucket 33
Meaning of the dream: enthusiastically

big bucket 84
Description: contrasts surmountable

iron bucket 45
Interpretation of the dream: unrequited love

new bucket 16
Translation: documents to be finalized

up against a pole 29
Dream description: curiosity of neighbors

wooden bucket 30
Meaning: safety in the future

plastic bucket 36
Translation of the dream: enmities hidden

copper bucket 45
Interpretation: constancy in love

indicator pole 48
Sense of the dream: independence to defend

light pole 80
What does it mean: reorientation

tin pail 48
Meaning of the dream: aid to be granted

climbing a pole 56
Description: difficulties still to be overcome

Polo shirt 47
Interpretation of the dream: awaits great honor

wooden pole 26
Translation: sad events

assist or participate in water polo 33
Dream description: useful meetings

stand on a stick 31
Meaning: bewilderment

point a stick on the ground 22
Translation of the dream: generous protection

get up on plane 8
Interpretation: new hope

got on 64
Sense of the dream: good solutions

hub wheel 4
What does it mean: to avoid friction

get someone on the porch 48
Meaning of the dream: good decision

saints upon 8
Description: good wishes

put on pajamas 32
Interpretation of the dream: unhappy passion

He pees on 84
Translation: thwarted love