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Broken statue in procession. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream broken statue in procession. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

broken statue 7
Meaning of the dream: heartbreak

statue 55
Description: Loving deception

Clay Statue 12
Interpretation of the dream: clear ideas and decided

deface a statue 21
Translation: litigation

restore a statue 46
Dream description: supports useful

chiselling a statue 18
Meaning: restlessness of jealousy

sculpt a statue 18
Translation of the dream: ability to donate

marble statue 27
Interpretation: great self-control

bronze statue 1
Sense of the dream: willingness weakened

equestrian statue 65
What does it mean: new knowledge

ancient statue 67
Meaning of the dream: Next Adventure

base with statue 14

Column with statue 3

Statue of leg 65

usher statue 88

holy statue 6
Meaning: honors at home

gild a statue 43

statue of the Virgin Mary 33
Interpretation: important protection

Ecce homo statue 25

procession 55
What does it mean: honor, joy

go in procession 59
Meaning of the dream: lasting bonds

halberdier in procession 1
Description: caution

Cardinal in procession 90
Interpretation of the dream: new experiences

baptismal procession 40
Translation: satisfaction and profits

wedding procession 44
Dream description: hard fight

funeral procession 83
Meaning: a firm resolve

religious procession 22
Translation of the dream: disappointment in love

torchlight procession 49
Interpretation: intuition

crowd in procession 36
Sense of the dream: annoying intrusions

monk in procession 12
What does it mean: good intentions secret

madonna in procession 38
Meaning of the dream: proposals that are successful

Pope in procession 16
Description: Achieving a popular destination

procession to church 31
Interpretation of the dream: deep understanding sentimental

procession in the street 59
Translation: surprise and news

Eucharistic procession 90
Dream description: reconciliation with a loved one

religious in procession 79
Meaning: personal achievements

priest in procession 79
Translation of the dream: lasting success

Bishop in procession 77
Interpretation: calm and serenity

prohibit a procession 89
Sense of the dream: confusion of ideas

Abbot in procession 39

Jesuit in procession 7

royal procession 46

Capuchin friar in a procession 36
Interpretation of the dream: Danger averted

parish priest in procession 79
Translation: positive success

still broken 34
Dream description: loneliness

broken aqueduct 7
Meaning: right insight

broken needle 1
Translation of the dream: false friendship

ring broken 58
Interpretation: dangerous decisions in family

broken amphora 11
Sense of the dream: ruin avoided

broken lift 33
What does it mean: durable stability

broken down car 17
Meaning of the dream: dangers avoided

basin broken 60
Description: risk of theft