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Broken picture frame. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream broken picture frame. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

the picture without the frame 5
Meaning of the dream: Useful relations

frame picture 28
Description: nervousness accentuated

empty picture frame 30
Interpretation of the dream: new annoyances

frame broken 15
Translation: sincerity

frame 17
Dream description: Useful relations

to frame 74
Meaning: need for reflection

old picture 79
Translation of the dream: restlessness and contrasts

old frame 47
Interpretation: sentimental threads

ancient picture 15
Sense of the dream: required tolerance

hang a picture 64
What does it mean: success in love

picture postcard 44
Meaning of the dream: harmful liabilities

golden frame 16
Description: Useful relations

silver frame 30
Interpretation of the dream: differences and contrasts

wood frame 31
Translation: recognition of merit

white frame 77
Dream description: secret aspirations

frame with photograph 42
Meaning: future plans

frame with mirror 80
Translation of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

deteriorate a picture 61
Interpretation: companies dangerous and inadvisable

deface a picture 55
Sense of the dream: misplaced trust

picture book 33
What does it mean: shock and disappointment

watch a picture 6
Meaning of the dream: deep aspirations

picture with portrait 15
Description: rupture of relations

give a picture 66
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous physical weakness

sell a picture 52
Translation: authorities countered

paint a picture 67
Dream description: new and interesting friendships

straighten a picture 47
Meaning: struggles to sustain

scrape a picture 83
Translation of the dream: willingness weak

the window frame 44
Interpretation: sudden disappointment

hand frame 43
Sense of the dream: Rise safe

frame member 72
What does it mean: reflections in religion

cardboard frame 3
Meaning of the dream: initiatives sentimental

metal frame 27
Description: you re too indecisive in your business, in your resolutions

walnut frame 51
Interpretation of the dream: interesting discovery

painted frame 21
Translation: lack of respect

gild a frame 50
Dream description: stressful time

painted picture 31
Meaning: serenity disturbed

see picture sacred icons 27
Translation of the dream: all you will go for the better

picture hanging on the wall 21
Interpretation: momentary satisfaction

large picture window 80
Sense of the dream: spiritual understanding

still broken 34
What does it mean: loneliness

broken aqueduct 7
Meaning of the dream: right insight

broken needle 1
Description: false friendship

ring broken 58
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous decisions in family

broken amphora 11
Translation: ruin avoided

broken lift 33
Dream description: durable stability

broken down car 17
Meaning: dangers avoided

basin broken 60
Translation of the dream: risk of theft

bayonet broken 7
Interpretation: sorrows by employees

balustrade broken 29
Sense of the dream: Pending disappointed

broken toys 51
What does it mean: selfishness and calculation