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Broken comb. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream broken comb. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lose the comb 81
Meaning of the dream: strange friendships

a toothless comb 77
Description: solution to a difficult issue

comb 3
Interpretation of the dream: gossip, deceit

tooth comb 87
Translation: contrasts to overcome

bone comb 32
Dream description: vanity exaggerated

metal comb 6
Meaning: Luckily the game

find a comb 37
Translation of the dream: danger of separation

comb children 84
Interpretation: affected quiet

comb women 81
Sense of the dream: imprudence dangerous

buy the comb 23
What does it mean: change of residence

Comb horn 79
Meaning of the dream: hidden enemies

broken umbrella 34
Description: imbalance nervous

broken cannon 16
Interpretation of the dream: little ailments

broken coat 16
Translation: tranquility of mind

shed broken 20
Dream description: luck in marriage

broken handkerchief 9
Meaning: support from relatives

broken gramophone 71
Translation of the dream: falsehood

broken hammer 56
Interpretation: happy marriage

broken lintel 86
Sense of the dream: intuition to follow

comb with all teeth 30
What does it mean: business difficult to solve

broken pinky 63
Meaning of the dream: untapped possibilities

broken stick 3
Description: exaggeration and nervousness

comb with difficulty 86
Interpretation of the dream: work and loss

broken button 54
Translation: window of opportunity

broken latch 8
Dream description: loss of friendships

see a broken tomb 43
Meaning: bad omen

broken elbow 11
Translation of the dream: adaptability to the environment

broken hairdryer 6
Interpretation: You are able to resolve a difficult situation

broken hat 59
Sense of the dream: good prospects

broken arm 4
What does it mean: contradictions

broken plow 27
Meaning of the dream: betrayal of friends

broken crystal 8
Description: squabbles interest

broken mannequin 85
Interpretation of the dream: continuous renewal

broken finger 8
Translation: use your potentials so dangerous

broken rifle 64
Dream description: business proposals

nest broken 56
Meaning: positive increase vitality

broken barrel 59
Translation of the dream: happy event

broken femur 17
Interpretation: period of sadness

broken padlock 31
Sense of the dream: happy solution

broken reed 54
What does it mean: much vitality

broken lift 33
Meaning of the dream: durable stability

broken egg 45
Description: possible misfortunes

broken refrigerator 88
Interpretation of the dream: hard problems

broken necklace 59
Translation: new knowledge

broken aqueduct 7
Dream description: right insight

broken plate 60
Meaning: Meeting pleasant

inkstand broken 21
Translation of the dream: indecision

fitting broken 87
Interpretation: recognition of merit

chisel broken 81
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings with relatives

apron broken 86
What does it mean: proposals to be reckoned with

saucer broken 67
Meaning of the dream: you are the architect of your fortune

comb missing teeth 18
Description: fill in a complex situation

broken brick 85
Interpretation of the dream: You will face all the difficulties

broken foot 70
Translation: loss of one of your

boil broken 78
Dream description: prosperity and serenity even in family

snare broken 43
Meaning: treachery

broken circle 66
Translation of the dream: vitality and health

broken seal 59
Interpretation: loss of

broken clock 71
Sense of the dream: disillusionment of love