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Bring pastries. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream bring pastries. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pastries 54
Meaning of the dream: ailment minor but very annoying

see pastries 62
Description: pleasant surprise

eat pastries 58
Interpretation of the dream: dissatisfaction and melancholy

offer pastries 30
Translation: momentary embarrassment

bring stones 2
Dream description: greatness

bring suitcases 41
Meaning: restlessness

bring a topaz 39
Translation of the dream: unworkable ideas

make pastries 19
Interpretation: minor glitches

bring slippers 44
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

bring tray 53
What does it mean: profitable business

bring a canopy 90
Meaning of the dream: donations from elderly

bring a candle 15
Description: career advancement

bring palms 68
Interpretation of the dream: Security and confidence

bring spurs 88
Translation: serenity and good health

bring turquoise 50
Dream description: you cross a very lucky moment

bring a harmonica 58
Meaning: fall into servitude

bring the plume 30
Translation of the dream: large vanity

bring a shawl 32
Interpretation: protections involved

bring gloves 72
Sense of the dream: welfare and prosperity

bring hamper 2
What does it mean: perseverance

bring stole 12
Meaning of the dream: important relationships

bring a lumen 78
Description: harbinger of doom

bring photography 31
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

bring lots 60
Translation: habits change

bring halberd 18
Dream description: sorrows passengers

bring rosette 19
Meaning: willpower

bring a word of advice 90
Translation of the dream: high hopes

see bring a candle 14
Interpretation: bitter experience

bring several earrings 79
Sense of the dream: you want to get noticed

bring handcuffs 59
What does it mean: end of a concern

bring sackcloth 13
Meaning of the dream: success on an opponent

bring necklace 38
Description: career advancement

bring dagger 6
Interpretation of the dream: honors

bring horns 78
Translation: strong will

bring a corsage 81
Dream description: discovery of secrets

bring thorns in off 26
Meaning: disease

sweet cakes 20
Translation of the dream: joy

bring the lamp 25
Interpretation: encouraging news

bring or see a frasco fastener 17
Sense of the dream: You receive false reports

bring wood or bundles 2
What does it mean: if the rich man servitude, whether poor profit

bring empty backpack 86
Meaning of the dream: no satisfaction and no worries

bring the bill 18
Description: you want to be respected

bring displeasure 62
Interpretation of the dream: improvised relatives

bring joy 6
Translation: are you afraid to show your wealth

bring olives to the mill 58
Dream description: instant success

bring tears to your face 50
Meaning: want to see a situation clearly

bring the sword 60
Translation of the dream: coldness and indifference

bring injury 11
Interpretation: business complex

bring objects 63
Sense of the dream: you know to deal with your responsibilities

bring mourning 6
What does it mean: next joy

bring headphones 56
Meaning of the dream: errors for lightness

bring the banner 2
Description: character influenced

bring embassy 59
Interpretation of the dream: change of situation