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Bring light. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bring light. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dazzling light 32
Meaning of the dream: talk to confidences

shed light 60
Description: positive solution

attic light 59
Interpretation of the dream: original views

artificial light 54
Translation: aggression harmful

colored light 23
Dream description: return of a loved one

clear light 15
Meaning: infamy had undergone

natural light 2
Translation of the dream: solid loving relationship

rational light 38
Interpretation: excellent chance

angela light 20
Sense of the dream: You want to have good luck

bring dagger 6
What does it mean: honors

yellow light 12
Meaning of the dream: small worries

glow light 33
Description: fear of novelty

bring lots 60
Interpretation of the dream: habits change

Mirror light 6
Translation: good news

light switched on 87
Dream description: many surprises

green light 23
Meaning: success

light theater 55
Translation of the dream: suffering and infirmity

light that shines 8
Interpretation: good wishes

bring the plume 30
Sense of the dream: large vanity

dampen the light 5
What does it mean: loss to the game

lumen of light 58
Meaning of the dream: concerns for the future

see a light 84
Description: new hope

indicator light 13
Interpretation of the dream: refused service

red light 41
Translation: concerns

electric light 39
Dream description: vitality and enthusiasm

bring sackcloth 13
Meaning: success on an opponent

shed light on something 7
Translation of the dream: bodes ill

bring necklace 38
Interpretation: career advancement

bring gloves 72
Sense of the dream: welfare and prosperity

bring headphones 56
What does it mean: errors for lightness

bring balaclava 45
Meaning of the dream: serenity disturbed

rays of light 30
Description: desire for justice

afternoon light 40
Interpretation of the dream: you have so much confidence in yourself

turn on the light 42
Translation: shyness to win

bring objects 63
Dream description: you know to deal with your responsibilities

advertising light 86
Meaning: lively enthusiasm

dance with light and grace 2
Translation of the dream: friendship and success in business

lack of light 62
Interpretation: concerns

see light candleholder 40
Sense of the dream: birth

bring a corsage 81
What does it mean: discovery of secrets

bring a harmonica 58
Meaning of the dream: fall into servitude

light off in the hands of others 89
Description: Your enemies are not, hide the fact remains occult and evil

bring something heavy 80
Interpretation of the dream: new offspring will increase the family

bring help 7
Translation: expenses to control

light off 73
Dream description: talk to confidences

bring the X-ray doctor 20
Meaning: will and decision

Valve electric light 74
Translation of the dream: impressionability

Oil light 32
Interpretation: dynamism messy

take and bring a herd 11
Sense of the dream: woes

bring a word of advice 90
What does it mean: high hopes

bring suitcases 41
Meaning of the dream: restlessness

bring stones 2
Description: greatness

bring spurs 88
Interpretation of the dream: serenity and good health