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Break wing crystal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream break wing crystal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wing 76
Meaning of the dream: typically feminine guile

wing goose 9
Description: joy

wing rail 40

plane wing 42

animal wing 64

Devil Wing 38

wing bird 24

Sailing wing 53

bird hit the wing and shot down 41
Sense of the dream: you have missed or will miss a promise

break (break in the machine) 66
What does it mean: delays

crystal 11
Meaning of the dream: good health

cruet crystal 15
Description: good health

crystal glass 44
Interpretation of the dream: dislikes unjustified

crystal bottle 65
Translation: changing health

crystal inkwell 20
Dream description: excessive shyness

crystal goblet 65
Meaning: tranquility in business

Crystal bell 11
Translation of the dream: nice atmosphere

crystal bowl 46
Interpretation: satisfactions of love

buy crystal 52
Sense of the dream: forebodings

lead crystal 6
What does it mean: opposition from children

broken crystal 8
Meaning of the dream: squabbles interest

crystal clean 68
Description: be hazy

Crystal dirt 4
Interpretation of the dream: offended by not collecting

Crystal glasses 28
Translation: regret useless

Handle crystal 49
Dream description: quarrels and ruptures

crystal object 84
Meaning: strange moods

Crystal Palace 16
Translation of the dream: unstable situation

crystal ashtray 9
Interpretation: sense of unease

crystal radio 42
Sense of the dream: sorrows of love

crystal ball 3
What does it mean: do not be put off

Crystal cup 12
Meaning of the dream: proposals and solutions

teapot crystal 23
Description: new knowledge

crystal vase 25
Interpretation of the dream: indecision and doubts

crystal chandelier 65

crystal lamp 4

crystal lumiera 22

Crystal carcass 25

crystal clock 60

large crystal 17

crystal worked 52

small crystal 6

break through 42
Description: too much impulsiveness

break-in 4

break down a barrier 48
Translation: presence of mind

break down a beast 75
Dream description: decrease of energy

break halberd 6
Meaning: failure in business

break mug 10
Translation of the dream: possessive love

break down more skittles 42
Interpretation: luck in all that you aspire

break the chain 26
Sense of the dream: bad business

break down the motherinlaw 18

break hangers 1
Meaning of the dream: reestablishment next

break the poor 89
Description: a good omen, the rich the opposite

break down a wall 10
Interpretation of the dream: period of discouragement

break umbrella 13
Translation: triumph over difficulties

break rocks 62
Dream description: advantageous purchases

break out in curses 13
Meaning: stubbornness and obstinacy

break into sobs 17
Translation of the dream: compromising friendships

break down the core 88
Interpretation: deny the love of a person

break down a pillar 44
Sense of the dream: You win a person you thought invincible

break down the oak 59
What does it mean: lack of self-control

break shoe 44
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated pride

break the radio 65
Description: generosity

regret for a break 24
Interpretation of the dream: excitable temperament

break a branch 44
Translation: loss of property

break relations 37
Dream description: social duties to be performed

break a rake 43
Meaning: dangerous trip

break a record 16
Translation of the dream: strong desire for independence

break report 48
Interpretation: unstable relationships

break a reticulated 64
Sense of the dream: irritation and nervousness

break the line 82
What does it mean: break with collaborators

break plates 76
Meaning of the dream: material well-being

break a vase 89
Description: welcome gift

break an umbrella 89
Interpretation of the dream: obstinacy

break through the shoes 44
Translation: ill health

break a contract 56
Dream description: position compromised

break a leg 26
Meaning: methods to change

break Warmer 16
Translation of the dream: reports a little thesis