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Break bottle of tomato. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream break bottle of tomato. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spiced tomato 32
Meaning of the dream: practical achievements

seize a tomato 7
Description: little practical sense

tomato sauce 41
Interpretation of the dream: new projects

eat a tomato 51
Translation: necessary compromise

tomato and bacon 31
Dream description: tries to make good decisions

breaking a bottle of champagne 73
Meaning: problems in business

macaroni and tomato 37
Translation of the dream: no satisfaction and no worries

Pasta with tomato 6
Interpretation: extravagant spending

bottle 56
Sense of the dream: pleasure

baby octopus in tomato sauce 18
What does it mean: happiness in love

tripe with tomato sauce 56
Meaning of the dream: vitality and energy

tomato salad 65
Description: stress at work

uncork the bottle 16
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant spending

fill a bottle 30
Translation: quiet character

seal a bottle 7
Dream description: secret desires

break a vase 89
Meaning: welcome gift

hamper with tomatoes 14
Translation of the dream: supports valid

full bottle 60
Interpretation: sudden fever

Empty Bottle 14
Sense of the dream: quiet life

broken bottle 45
What does it mean: states of tension

break water bottle 88
Meaning of the dream: you have so many things to be forgiven

Label bottle 86
Description: loyal solutions

break the bowl 75
Interpretation of the dream: small loss

eat tomatoes 28
Translation: optimism and enthusiasm

bottle with liquor 74
Dream description: enthusiasm brief

break the window 72
Meaning: moments of acute tension

break an umbrella 89
Translation of the dream: obstinacy

break the urn 74
Interpretation: false security

break a rake 43
Sense of the dream: dangerous trip

bottle with wine 15
What does it mean: money refund

bottle with oil 26
Meaning of the dream: projects went upstream

uncork a bottle of red wine 11
Description: joy and well-earned money

black bottle 43
Interpretation of the dream: broadmindedness

break a glass 81
Translation: danger of scams

small bottle 11
Dream description: next gains

bottle garnished 48
Meaning: big losses

break the mirror 36
Translation of the dream: bad omen

blue bottle 35
Interpretation: economic difficulties

bottle brandy 70
Sense of the dream: You will advance grade

bottle of vinegar 7
What does it mean: financial trouble

break a sieve 6
Meaning of the dream: ideas unclear

break the clock 32
Description: unexpected misfortune

break down a wall 10
Interpretation of the dream: period of discouragement

break a branch 44
Translation: loss of property

crystal bottle 65
Dream description: changing health

break a reticulated 64
Meaning: irritation and nervousness

break the shell 55
Translation of the dream: do knowledge pleasant

sliced ​​tomatoes 87
Interpretation: burdensome problems

bottle with water 21
Sense of the dream: inner satisfaction

rhubarb in bottle 86
What does it mean: expectations disappointed

canned tomatoes 12
Meaning of the dream: baseless fantasies

bottle preserves 49
Description: agreement with the family

bottle champagne 69
Interpretation of the dream: beginning of a journey

vermouth bottle 64
Translation: sacrifices rewarded