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Bread and snow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bread and snow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dirty snow 4
Meaning of the dream: discretion and prudence

amassing snow 9
Description: you so stubbornly

flocking snow 29
Interpretation of the dream: achievements difficult

Snow piled 88
Translation: satisfactions and gains

snow 17
Dream description: for a farmer, abundant harvest. for others, substantial gains in labor

bread 30
Meaning: you will have a lot of patience before projects are to be successful

Cyclone snow 39
Translation of the dream: change of situation

snow on the ground 57
Interpretation: relationships relaxing

falling snow 56
Sense of the dream: unexpected novelty

Snow on the footprint 67
What does it mean: inner conflicts

powdery snow 84
Meaning of the dream: momentary whim

snow off season 90
Description: windfall gains

deep snow 65
Interpretation of the dream: inconstancy affections

see bread 63
Translation: speculation advantageous

eat bread 60
Dream description: balance and good health

warm bread 32
Meaning: health hazard

scrape bread 2
Translation of the dream: difficult situations

burnt bread 58
Interpretation: generosity and altruism

oil bread 31
Sense of the dream: physical endurance

cut bread 39
What does it mean: new ideals

knead bread 2
Meaning of the dream: well-paid job

donate bread 70
Description: tranquility

toasted bread 30
Interpretation of the dream: particular success

bite bread 66
Translation: devotion to family

raw bread 13
Dream description: aspirations fulfilled

weigh bread 83
Meaning: work proposals

distribute bread 67
Translation of the dream: profitable activities

hard bread 24
Interpretation: Material or luxury wealth

soften the bread 8
Sense of the dream: important negotiations

crumple bread 35
What does it mean: friendships safe

chop bread 4
Meaning of the dream: trouble with friends

baking bread 26
Description: constancy in the affections

Cool the bread 54
Interpretation of the dream: protection of relatives

hide the bread 46
Translation: basic needs of life

dipping bread 89
Dream description: disturbing thoughts

unsalted bread 43
Meaning: stubbornness and obstinacy

ice or snow 4
Translation of the dream: prosperity in your business

shovelful of snow 89
Interpretation: painful contrasts

consecrate the bread 88
Sense of the dream: courage and confidence

peppered bread 10
What does it mean: countered activities

bread in milk 4
Meaning of the dream: luck changing

stock up on bread 58
Description: new projects

Yeast bread 56
Interpretation of the dream: Safety baseless

vintage snow 64
Translation: manic depression

ditch with snow 78
Dream description: lack of ideas

flock of snow 29
Meaning: emotional shallowness

crumble the bread 44
Translation of the dream: infidelity of an employee

touch the bread 27
Interpretation: good spirits and health

salt bread 84
Sense of the dream: much vitality

walking on snow 41
What does it mean: provocations by subject

mountains with snow 82
Meaning of the dream: major help

road with snow 85
Description: hard time

chilled by snow 36
Interpretation of the dream: realization of hopes

campaign with snow 75
Translation: economic improvement

the amount of snow 71
Dream description: enmities with women

Sharing your bread 50
Meaning: optimism and confidence

crawling on the snow 20
Translation of the dream: physical discomfort