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Brand mite. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream brand mite. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spider mite 15
Meaning of the dream: disruptions in family

unobtainable brand 18
Description: Adventure passing

label brand 18
Interpretation of the dream: you are easily influenced

brand meat 40
Translation: false dreams

turn off a brand 79
Dream description: waiting period

mark designs 35
Meaning: submission in business

mark books 63
Translation of the dream: love for beauty

see out the brand new banknotes 77
Interpretation: Traveling with danger fast and inherent dangers

mark underwear 65
Sense of the dream: popularity and consideration

mark in football 77
What does it mean: prosperity achieved

mark that hangs himself 44
Meaning of the dream: little understanding in the family

mark 41
Description: you will be notified of a mishap

mark animals 23
Interpretation of the dream: triumph of envious people

school mark 21
Translation: minor glitches

mark bags 8
Dream description: love, affection

watermark 40
Meaning: inner torment

mark registers 90
Translation of the dream: affable character

droppings 9
Interpretation: great fortune financial and in any field of life

Red awl 63
Sense of the dream: strong emotions in love

cards 3
What does it mean: good faith

splutter 21
Meaning of the dream: malice and slander

tag friends 17
Description: sorrow and misery or joy late

Red globule 67
Interpretation of the dream: lure offers

mark pictures 62
Translation: loss of property

rare stamp 45
Dream description: agitation

be scarred 36
Meaning: a cruel person that you can not forget

Commercial Affairs 65
Translation of the dream: dangerous decisions

marked forehead 52
Interpretation: attitudes to be corrected

shops 65
Sense of the dream: wrong to be repaired

owning shops 49
What does it mean: nervousness to dominate

business letter 62
Meaning of the dream: lack of reflection

flagged vessel 41
Description: brisk business

changing trade 48
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing events

business correspondence 59
Translation: conquest difficult

doing business 77
Dream description: you are very resourceful

business cycle 65
Meaning: you want to win at all costs a challenge

commercial agency 9
Translation of the dream: marital disagreements

Business offers 32
Interpretation: accuses dangerous

besmirch shopkeepers 38
Sense of the dream: Fear of losing your skills

cancellation in business 38
What does it mean: Your passion has surprised you

engage in business 18
Meaning of the dream: you are a person willing

commercial disaster 11
Description: opposition of relatives

Starting up a business 14
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary troubles

west cardinal sign 11
Translation: health being improved

to put a stamp on a package 86
Dream description: help Wanted

plunge in business 26
Meaning: waste of time

career in business 58
Translation of the dream: economic concerns

Chamber of Commerce 5
Interpretation: favorable agreements

be in business 87
Sense of the dream: insightful

conversation between shopkeepers 6
What does it mean: Arrival news

make or receive one tripped 56
Meaning of the dream: insecurities of new situations

It is well marked by smallpox 83
Description: dishonor

to hug 58
Interpretation of the dream: need for affection

embrace a woman 40
Translation: injustice

embrace an old 67
Dream description: concerns

embrace parents 4
Meaning: benefit