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Boy notice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream boy notice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

notice 3
Meaning of the dream: something in your daily life needs your attention

notice of a danger 56
Description: sudden changes

notice of a friendship 7
Interpretation of the dream: passion

notice enmity 71
Translation: good initiatives

notice envy 19
Dream description: hassle

notice a scam 72
Meaning: obstacles in work

notice of a lie 44
Translation of the dream: threatening violence

notice of an injustice 56
Interpretation: deception foiled

notice a betrayal 22
Sense of the dream: vocation thwarted

notice lever 39
What does it mean: contrasts with neighbors

sacred notice 58
Meaning of the dream: Friends unfair

Notice of fees 33
Description: exhausting work

notice the silence 80
Interpretation of the dream: gossip of neighbors

notice the alt 3
Translation: decreased energy

notice a contravention 23
Dream description: dangerous hazards

notice payment 74
Meaning: tactical change

publish a notice 10
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

Notice of friends 45

notice of arrival 81

payment notice 78

eviction notice 39

funeral notice 31

competition notice 57

notice of dismissal 47
Translation: you always want to fight for their ideals

give notice shutdown 90

give notice citations 17

give notice judgments 18

boy 33
Interpretation: joyfulness

boy drowned 58
Sense of the dream: concerns

toy boy 88
What does it mean: happiness

naughty boy 49
Meaning of the dream: removal of a friend

hair of boy 64
Description: uncontrolled emotions

running after a boy 33
Interpretation of the dream: pride

rebellious boy 88
Translation: urgent business

boy shop 19
Dream description: good news

head boy 53
Meaning: sudden discovery

killing a boy 90
Translation of the dream: malicious thoughts

altar boy 6

slack of a boy 75

boy's slut 59

breeches boy 20

corpse of boy 89

play boy 48

boy dancing 37

boy crying 50

boy in a wheelchair 62

whipping boy 59

farmer's boy 16

baker's boy 17

butcher's boy 81

faithful boy 31

boy fired 69

big boy 4

mama's boy 72

charity boy 41

the boy's thigh 56

scullery boy 27

walking boy 3

boy running 68

boy who washes 6

boy studying 2

boy with teacher 65

Boy Scout camp 54

Boy Scout sick 53

Boy Scouts march 48

Postal delivery boy 50

15 - Smorfia classic: boy 15

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Interpretation: triumph over enemies

gathering of boys 88
Sense of the dream: trust purchased

incite boys 57
What does it mean: Good news

frolicking with boyfriend 43
Meaning of the dream: important news

Arrival boys 12
Description: happy surprise

Brigade boys 7
Interpretation of the dream: superficiality of relatives

Dance only boys 13
Translation: prosperity

folder schoolboy 68
Dream description: perfect agreement sentimental

correct boys 12
Meaning: diligent collaboration

carboy 76
Translation of the dream: reconciliation in sight

carboy full 90
Interpretation: reconciliation in sight

carboy empty 87
Sense of the dream: apathy and disorder

carboy oil 14
What does it mean: freedom of action

carboy of wine 16
Meaning of the dream: personal affirmation

carboy water 1
Description: New Adventures

carboy route 67
Interpretation of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

carboy stuffed 17
Translation: tests estimate

whipping boys 71
Dream description: uncontrolled passion

interrogate boys 2
Meaning: instability of relationships

pageboy 18
Translation of the dream: bad habits

pageboy holding her train 33
Interpretation: fluke

pageboy hairstyle 5
Sense of the dream: impatience and jealousy

recommend a schoolboy 45
What does it mean: aid from relatives

boys in church 60
Meaning of the dream: generous impulses

boys who study 2
Description: important assignments

Boys Eating 67
Interpretation of the dream: magnanimous feelings

boys quarreling 17
Translation: lack of relationships

boys running 22
Dream description: rather exaggerated alarmism