Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

boy drowned

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: boy drowned

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58 boy drowned

33 boy

88 toy boy

49 naughty boy
removal of a friend

64 hair of boy
uncontrolled emotions

33 running after a boy

88 rebellious boy
urgent business

19 boy shop
good news

53 head boy
sudden discovery

90 killing a boy
malicious thoughts

6 altar boy

75 slack of a boy

59 boy's slut

20 breeches boy

54 Boy Scout camp

53 Boy Scout sick

48 Boy Scouts march

15 15 - Smorfia classic: boy

88 drowned
Inability to defend or unconscious

42 see drowned
aid coming

2 be drowned
economic difficulties

2 see a drowned
joy and triumph

12 old drowned

87 drowned woman
losses and pains

19 drowned man

33 friend drowned
Discussions with relatives

65 parent drowned
useful collaboration

60 son drowned

15 dog drowned
increased work

33 a cat drowned

22 animals drowned
false friendships

20 Military drowned
help Wanted

81 enemy drowned
successful combination

31 drowned saved
tiring days

24 Admiral drowned
unforeseen revenge

32 drowned in the ditch
commitments completed

68 a drowned animal
constancy in action

41 die drowned
thriving business

2 revive a drowned
vitality and momentum

27 rescue a drowned
reassuring news

88 brother drowned

52 drowned mother

15 drowned newborn

23 sister drowned

30 baby drowned

48 boatman drowned

60 bring out a drowned by water
revelatory dream

37 abandoned by her boyfriend
triumph over enemies

88 gathering of boys
trust purchased

2 drown
economic difficulties

44 drowning in the bath
dissensions double

90 drowning in a sewer
sudden fortune

17 drown in wine

79 drown in the river
next birth

83 drown in the sea
revenge on neighbors

33 drowning in the well
bad action from relatives

25 drown in the swamp
sudden satisfaction

57 incite boys
Good news

43 frolicking with boyfriend
important news

25 drown at sea
good business

5 drown in lake
difficult issues to be resolved

50 drowning in the sewer
happiness without contrasts

46 drown by accident
betrayal of women

34 drown an animal
unforeseen obstacles

12 Arrival boys
happy surprise

7 Brigade boys
superficiality of relatives

13 Dance only boys

68 folder schoolboy
perfect agreement sentimental

12 correct boys
diligent collaboration

76 carboy
reconciliation in sight

90 carboy full
reconciliation in sight

87 carboy empty
apathy and disorder

14 carboy oil
freedom of action

16 carboy of wine
personal affirmation

1 carboy water
New Adventures

67 carboy route
to curb impulsiveness

17 carboy stuffed
tests estimate

71 whipping boys
uncontrolled passion

2 interrogate boys
instability of relationships

18 pageboy
bad habits

33 pageboy holding her train

5 pageboy hairstyle
impatience and jealousy

9 fisherman drowns
unforeseeable event

45 recommend a schoolboy
aid from relatives

60 boys in church
generous impulses

2 boys who study
important assignments

67 Boys Eating
magnanimous feelings

17 boys quarreling
lack of relationships

22 boys running
rather exaggerated alarmism

3 boys who cry
shock and disappointment