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Boy doing an accident. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream boy doing an accident. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

accident 56
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and fears deep

killed by accident 27
Description: Fears passengers

drown by accident 46
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of women

attend an accident 9
Translation: humiliation

describe an accident 27
Dream description: narrow escape

with serious derailment accident 17
Meaning: you are in a difficult situation

hunting accident 44
Translation of the dream: dangerous situation

horror to an accident 20
Interpretation: restlessness

escape from an accident 60
Sense of the dream: useful clarifications

road accident 60
What does it mean: slight disorder

death by accident 70

boy 33
Description: joyfulness

boy drowned 58
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

toy boy 88
Translation: happiness

naughty boy 49
Dream description: removal of a friend

hair of boy 64
Meaning: uncontrolled emotions

running after a boy 33
Translation of the dream: pride

rebellious boy 88
Interpretation: urgent business

boy shop 19
Sense of the dream: good news

head boy 53
What does it mean: sudden discovery

killing a boy 90
Meaning of the dream: malicious thoughts

altar boy 6

slack of a boy 75

boy's slut 59

breeches boy 20

corpse of boy 89

play boy 48

boy dancing 37

boy crying 50

boy in a wheelchair 62

whipping boy 59

farmer's boy 16

baker's boy 17

butcher's boy 81

faithful boy 31

boy fired 69

big boy 4

mama's boy 72

charity boy 41

the boy's thigh 56

scullery boy 27

walking boy 3

boy running 68

boy who washes 6

boy studying 2

boy with teacher 65

Boy Scout camp 54

Boy Scout sick 53

Boy Scouts march 48

Postal delivery boy 50

15 - Smorfia classic: boy 15

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Description: triumph over enemies

gathering of boys 88
Interpretation of the dream: trust purchased

airplane doing stunts 25
Translation: passing pleasures

incite boys 57
Dream description: Good news

frolicking with boyfriend 43
Meaning: important news

Arrival boys 12
Translation of the dream: happy surprise

Brigade boys 7
Interpretation: superficiality of relatives

Dance only boys 13
Sense of the dream: prosperity

folder schoolboy 68
What does it mean: perfect agreement sentimental

If accidental 86
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty of tomorrow

correct boys 12
Description: diligent collaboration

carboy 76
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation in sight

carboy full 90
Translation: reconciliation in sight

carboy empty 87
Dream description: apathy and disorder

carboy oil 14
Meaning: freedom of action

carboy of wine 16
Translation of the dream: personal affirmation

carboy water 1
Interpretation: New Adventures

carboy route 67
Sense of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

carboy stuffed 17
What does it mean: tests estimate

fired from doing damage 38
Meaning of the dream: fright

crowd doing a demonstration 70
Description: need for prudence in speech

whipping boys 71
Interpretation of the dream: uncontrolled passion

interrogate boys 2
Translation: instability of relationships

gaffe (accidentally) 57
Dream description: violence

incest serious accidents 37
Meaning: ruin

pageboy 18
Translation of the dream: bad habits

pageboy holding her train 33
Interpretation: fluke

pageboy hairstyle 5
Sense of the dream: impatience and jealousy

insurance against accidents 64
What does it mean: support from friends

recommend a schoolboy 45
Meaning of the dream: aid from relatives

boys in church 60
Description: generous impulses

boys who study 2
Interpretation of the dream: important assignments

Boys Eating 67
Translation: magnanimous feelings

boys quarreling 17
Dream description: lack of relationships

boys running 22
Meaning: rather exaggerated alarmism

boys who cry 3
Translation of the dream: shock and disappointment

boys playing 21
Interpretation: positive affective balance

scold a schoolboy 54
Sense of the dream: request for favors

submissive schoolboy 9
What does it mean: enforceable rights

revive a schoolboy 14
Meaning of the dream: businesses difficult