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Boxes of fried. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream boxes of fried. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stacking boxes 34
Meaning of the dream: problems tiring

labels for boxes 69
Description: greater relaxation

lined boxes 82
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing choice

empty boxes 30
Translation: nervous disorders

broken boxes 51
Dream description: risk of loss

shoe boxes 71
Meaning: secret desires

hat boxes 51
Translation of the dream: litigation

tobacco boxes 58
Interpretation: donation of relatives

boxes of chocolates 69
Sense of the dream: change of situation

boxes of medicines 52
What does it mean: physical fatigue

boxes of nibs 20
Meaning of the dream: unexpected joy

receive boxes 51
Description: love declaration

procurement of boxes 5

board boxes 83

veneer boxes 65

fried eel 75
Meaning: well-considered projects

fried codfish 29
Translation of the dream: need to act

chop fried 48
Interpretation: pride flattered

fried artichokes 41
Sense of the dream: restlessness and inconstancy

fried oil 80
What does it mean: projects contrasted

fried bread 14
Meaning of the dream: sentimental disappointment

fried fish 20
Description: malicious slander

fried pizza 17
Interpretation of the dream: little ailments

Fried polenta 77
Translation: home improvements

fried meatballs 41
Dream description: bitterness for a disappointment

fried sardines 22
Meaning: change of ideas

fried mullet 20
Translation of the dream: slander

fried lamb 57

fried meat 58

fried brains 5

fried onion 79

fried liver 21

fried pancake 75

fresh fried 51

fried shrimp 10

pan with fried 90

fried octopus 55

fried dumpling 27

fried eggs 4

fried donut 49

fried zucchini 43

fried offal 12

fried eggplant 62

fried veal 27

abandon friends 7
Dream description: intrigues

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Meaning: triumph over enemies

abandoned by friends 3
Translation of the dream: self-confidence

duped girlfriend 15
Interpretation: displeasure family

duped friend 75
Sense of the dream: rivalry nearby

Take a bite with friends 1
What does it mean: good times

hug a friend 48
Meaning of the dream: novelty favorable

pet a friend 22
Description: good wishes

couple friends 84
Interpretation of the dream: good business

notice of a friendship 7
Translation: passion

accuse a friend 7
Dream description: nervousness

angry with friends 80
Meaning: pains passengers

flatter a friend 25
Translation of the dream: sudden aid

friend drowned 33
Interpretation: Discussions with relatives

scuttle a friend 76
Sense of the dream: jealousy justified

facilitating a friend 12
What does it mean: deception male

attacking a friend 38
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

lurking Friends 42
Description: joy of long life

agony of friends 32
Interpretation of the dream: gossip of neighbors

to house friends 17
Translation: joy in the family

alerting a friend 68
Dream description: misplaced trust

alliance between friends 80
Meaning: liberation from weights

stay friends 17
Translation of the dream: joy in family

move away from friends 31
Interpretation: mutual intolerance

wrangle with friends 18
Sense of the dream: physical endurance

haughty friend 21
What does it mean: lucky shot

highly placed friend 77
Meaning of the dream: good opportunity

lovable friend 40
Description: obstinacy dangerous

loving friend 15
Interpretation of the dream: benefits from people close

environment friendly 4
Translation: sentimental melancholy

ambiguous friendship 37
Dream description: wise reflections

friendship 17
Meaning: aspects of your personality that you refused

friendship new 23
Translation of the dream: little ailments

old friendship 17
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

friendship renewed 71
Sense of the dream: excessive irritation

friendship route 13
What does it mean: false mirages in the work

friendship interested 87
Meaning of the dream: fortitude

friend 19
Description: litigation and disagreements

faithful friend 79
Interpretation of the dream: charm immediately

false friend 67
Translation: support to be given to an elderly

sincere friend 43
Dream description: inconstancy in love

loyal friend 35
Meaning: irritation exaggerated

Friend tolerant 20
Translation of the dream: excessive fanaticism