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Bowl-bottom coffee. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bowl-bottom coffee. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

not see the bottom of a crevasse 78
Meaning of the dream: do you feel lost

see the bottom of a crevasse 83
Description: You will overcome the difficulties

bottom of the sea 90
Interpretation of the dream: from health check

bottom of the road 1
Translation: novelty coming

bottom border 18

bottom of vinegar 57

bottom ink 80

the bottom of the glass 19

bottom of the bottle 8

coffee pot with coffee 68
What does it mean: liberation from regret

bowl 71
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

bowl with fruit 89
Description: lack of loyalty

have an empty bowl 45
Interpretation of the dream: letter from afar

bowl with water 66
Translation: unforeseen expenses

copper bowl 15
Dream description: hard work

porcelain bowl 35
Meaning: missed opportunity

glass bowl 51
Translation of the dream: passing pleasures

enameled bowl 15
Interpretation: unfounded fears

silver bowl 77
Sense of the dream: unusual happenings

golden bowl 84
What does it mean: new love

empty bowl 42
Meaning of the dream: long and futile negotiations

bowl full 24
Description: intense movement

broken bowl 36
Interpretation of the dream: collapse of a friendship

drink in a bowl 77
Translation: travel lucky

crystal bowl 46
Dream description: satisfactions of love

large bowl 16
Meaning: capacity for endurance

wooden bowl 81
Translation of the dream: active temperament

metal bowl 12
Interpretation: uncertain situation

bowl with broth 86
Sense of the dream: good success

bowl with soup 66
What does it mean: irascibility to contain

bowl route 15
Meaning of the dream: harmony in the family

bowl clean 24
Description: momentary enthusiasm

bowl dirty 40
Interpretation of the dream: understanding and well-being

eating in bowl 44
Translation: pride humbled

break the bowl 75
Dream description: small loss

wash the bowl 1
Meaning: new interests

bowl with beer 61

bowl with oil 69

bowl with spirit 20

bowl with wine 51

black bowl 24

earthenware bowl 38

bowl with milk 42

bowl with barley 60

bowl with lime 7

cheese bowl 81

salad bowl 3

sugar bowl 82

sugar bowl silver 7

coffee 33
What does it mean: It will open an exciting time

roast the coffee 73
Meaning of the dream: contentment

crumple coffee 32
Description: new knowledge

bale of coffee 35
Interpretation of the dream: sadness lasting

drink coffee 63
Translation: increase of fortune

jug with coffee 36
Dream description: violent arguments

raw coffee 71
Meaning: sympathies of people Useful

roasted coffee 46
Translation of the dream: gratitude demonstrated

ground coffee 18
Interpretation: intuition wrong

sweet coffee 85
Sense of the dream: enthusiasm paid

hot coffee 43
What does it mean: Consistent with the people around you

cold coffee 73
Meaning of the dream: admiration for the elderly

coffee with alcohol 88
Description: perspicacity in business

buy coffee 21
Interpretation of the dream: boldness

coffee with milk 86
Translation: lightheartedness

sell coffee 80
Dream description: resistance to fatigue

give coffee 18
Meaning: successes

coffee porcelain 60
Translation of the dream: wise reflections

coffee empty 12
Interpretation: constancy in the affections

coffee leaking 40
Sense of the dream: wisdom in business

coffee route 18
What does it mean: insight in the work

enjoy a coffee 81
Meaning of the dream: proposals misleading

see roast coffee 84
Description: Welfare

be in coffee shop 68
Interpretation of the dream: various mishaps

coffee chicory 17
Translation: fortune

pour coffee 68
Dream description: displeasure

coffee bar 34
Meaning: small talk

prepare coffee 12
Translation of the dream: you seem full of energy

Coffee illegal 11
Interpretation: six unfair

large coffee 88
Sense of the dream: your wishes will be fulfilled

participate in a coffee 12
What does it mean: before acting currency situation well