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Bowl with potatoes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bowl with potatoes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sliced ​​potatoes 80
Meaning of the dream: money lent

Boil potatoes 35
Description: Fortunately variable

seasoned potatoes 10
Interpretation of the dream: low activity

fry potatoes 60
Translation: optimism and enthusiasm

floured potatoes 31
Dream description: visits boring

soup with potatoes 61
Meaning: mild illness

potatoes in the field 82
Translation of the dream: happy hours and serene

buy potatoes 65
Interpretation: job performance

eat potatoes 6
Sense of the dream: physical endurance

boiled potatoes 32
What does it mean: satisfactions by a son

large potatoes 17
Meaning of the dream: return of money

small potatoes 29
Description: momentary embarrassment

planting potatoes 29
Interpretation of the dream: serenity

peel potatoes 6
Translation: honesty and integrity

unearth potatoes 38

omelet with potatoes 57

sprouting of potatoes 71

embark potatoes 37

peeling potatoes 6

meatloaf with potatoes 45

kid with potatoes 56

pasta with potatoes 38

It rotates with potatoes 18

mashed potatoes 16
Translation: Financial problems

bowl 71
Dream description: missed opportunity

bowl with fruit 89
Meaning: lack of loyalty

have an empty bowl 45
Translation of the dream: letter from afar

bowl with water 66
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

copper bowl 15
Sense of the dream: hard work

porcelain bowl 35
What does it mean: missed opportunity

glass bowl 51
Meaning of the dream: passing pleasures

enameled bowl 15
Description: unfounded fears

silver bowl 77
Interpretation of the dream: unusual happenings

golden bowl 84
Translation: new love

empty bowl 42
Dream description: long and futile negotiations

bowl full 24
Meaning: intense movement

broken bowl 36
Translation of the dream: collapse of a friendship

drink in a bowl 77
Interpretation: travel lucky

crystal bowl 46
Sense of the dream: satisfactions of love

large bowl 16
What does it mean: capacity for endurance

wooden bowl 81
Meaning of the dream: active temperament

metal bowl 12
Description: uncertain situation

bowl with broth 86
Interpretation of the dream: good success

bowl with soup 66
Translation: irascibility to contain

bowl route 15
Dream description: harmony in the family

bowl clean 24
Meaning: momentary enthusiasm

bowl dirty 40
Translation of the dream: understanding and well-being

eating in bowl 44
Interpretation: pride humbled

break the bowl 75
Sense of the dream: small loss

wash the bowl 1
What does it mean: new interests

bowl with beer 61

bowl with oil 69

bowl with spirit 20

bowl with wine 51

black bowl 24

earthenware bowl 38

bowl with milk 42