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Bottles of cut tomato. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bottles of cut tomato. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

seize a tomato 7
Meaning of the dream: little practical sense

eat a tomato 51
Description: necessary compromise

spiced tomato 32
Interpretation of the dream: practical achievements

macaroni and tomato 37
Translation: no satisfaction and no worries

hurling bottles 72
Dream description: serenity and joy

tomato and bacon 31
Meaning: tries to make good decisions

Pasta with tomato 6
Translation of the dream: extravagant spending

tomato sauce 41
Interpretation: new projects

tar bottles 15
Sense of the dream: proud of your manhood

hands be tied bottles 56
What does it mean: tries to insist more in your projects

weatherstripping bottles 61
Meaning of the dream: interesting discovery

baby octopus in tomato sauce 18
Description: happiness in love

tripe with tomato sauce 56
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and energy

wine bottles 6
Translation: support to give to a friend

count bottles 39
Dream description: energy physics

shelf with bottles 39
Meaning: Perfect Health

tomato salad 65
Translation of the dream: stress at work

sliced ​​tomatoes 87
Interpretation: burdensome problems

marking bottles 33
Sense of the dream: a good chance to boost your business

hamper with tomatoes 14
What does it mean: supports valid

wash bottles 20
Meaning of the dream: unfair competition

lawn cut 70
Description: sad isolation

eat tomatoes 28
Interpretation of the dream: optimism and enthusiasm

cut wheat 67
Translation: prosperity and well-being

cut fish 77
Dream description: Fortunately momentary

liqueur in bottles 12
Meaning: dangerous obstacle

canned tomatoes 12
Translation of the dream: baseless fantasies

cut bread 39
Interpretation: new ideals

cut wrist 44
Sense of the dream: themes for your health

cut apple 49
What does it mean: you shall separate

cut watermelon 90
Meaning of the dream: waivers secret

cut paper 55
Description: unclear situation

to cut meat 53
Interpretation of the dream: initiatives guess

tail cut 83
Translation: hard problems

cut with a penknife 10
Dream description: self-doubt

cut finger 74
Meaning: illusions falling

cut throat 18
Translation of the dream: danger in sight

cut ear 40
Interpretation: infidelity and mistrust in love

have his tongue cut off 16
Sense of the dream: you can not express yourself

head cut 36
What does it mean: danger of deceit

cut with the ax 29
Meaning of the dream: violent actions

cut fruit 68
Description: new creative forces

leg cut 9
Interpretation of the dream: inevitable damage

cut curls 40
Translation: low activity

sapling cut 70
Dream description: bitter disappointment

feet cut 20
Meaning: infirmity short

ham cut 14
Translation of the dream: unexpected mishaps

cut cabbage 27
Interpretation: misunderstandings clarified

suckle with baby bottles 52
Sense of the dream: you will build a project that is close to your heart

cut roots 24
What does it mean: dangerous hazards

clover cut 66
Meaning of the dream: pride frustrated

see ripe tomatoes on the vine 16
Description: joys nearby

laurel cut 49
Interpretation of the dream: benevolence won

fingers cut 76
Translation: loss of friends or servants

cooked tomatoes 16
Dream description: innovations and initiatives