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Born fish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream born fish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

born fish 39
Meaning of the dream: rain

spearing fish 19
Description: strong will

born chick 87
Interpretation of the dream: activity on the rise

crumple fish 17
Translation: hopes dashed

breed fish 17
Dream description: death of a woman giving birth or bad

see the birth of fish 38
Meaning: joy health

merchant fish 34
Translation of the dream: gain in business

fin fish 73
Interpretation: sadness and anxiety

pike (fish) 52
Sense of the dream: struggles

fish salmon 32
What does it mean: unfulfilled desires

sell fish 13
Meaning of the dream: gradual improvement

season the fish 21
Description: great imagination

frozen fish 81
Interpretation of the dream: excesses and disorder

fish in the jar 65
Translation: physical imbalance

the man born blind 50
Dream description: heavy duty

salted fish 30
Meaning: you ll have to struggle with poverty

fish with the net 17
Translation of the dream: misjudgments

carp (fish) 3
Interpretation: pour in better soon

bait (fish) 7
Sense of the dream: abundance

perch (fish) 4
What does it mean: pleasure, contentment

fish trap 34
Meaning of the dream: You have regrets of the past

fish of different color 17
Description: growth of disease

roasted fish 35
Interpretation of the dream: easy but dangerous adventure

gutting fish 38
Translation: major projects

Lucerne fish 23
Dream description: you will have disagreements

weigh fish 66
Meaning: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

importing fish 77
Translation of the dream: organizational skills

fish 17
Interpretation: a person elusive

fish breeding 33
Sense of the dream: strong impressionability

Fish freshness 6
What does it mean: nervousness accentuated

to smoke fish 46
Meaning of the dream: amazement

live fish 47
Description: objective assessments

fish in brine 45
Interpretation of the dream: confusion and bewilderment

catch big fish 33
Translation: joy and profit

see catch fish 4
Dream description: children in poor health or dumb

personality big fish 33
Meaning: You do a very important conquest

river fish 71
Translation of the dream: family concerns

fish with lamp 8
Interpretation: threat of breakage

hamper with fish 29
Sense of the dream: peace in the family

bream (fish) 52
What does it mean: He will miss the good fortune

fish with the hook 3
Meaning of the dream: surprise of love

grill fish 41
Description: health hazard

have fish 89
Interpretation of the dream: expensive pleasures

pond with live fish 55
Translation: good friendships

Mediterranean fish fishing empty 17
Dream description: danger of separation

aquarium with tropical fish 74
Meaning: disappointment

cold fish 66
Translation of the dream: impressionability

boiled fish 5
Interpretation: just reproaches

smoked fish 87
Sense of the dream: hard work and tormented

to be born 78
What does it mean: good luck

fish hatchery 48
Meaning of the dream: sudden fortune

small fish 43
Description: wrath and ruin, all in proportion to the amount