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Bomb in the office. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream bomb in the office. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bomb 48
Meaning of the dream: cancellation

throw the bomb 81
Description: hopes ill-founded

bomb falling 60
Interpretation of the dream: sense of measure

bomb explodes 66
Translation: lively conversations

unexploded bomb 25
Dream description: aid to young people

atomic bomb 56
Meaning: aspiration to command

Bomb the wall 76
Translation of the dream: obstacles to be faced

build the bomb 21
Interpretation: impediments to relatives

find the bomb 73
Sense of the dream: rash judgments

Defuse the bomb 56
What does it mean: aid to encourage

tool bomb 87
Meaning of the dream: you will begin an arduous

plastic bomb 8

plutonium bomb 48

uranium bomb 10

artificial bomb 53

bomb kills 90

Bomb with clock 45

bomb plane 73

Paper bomb 90

gas bomb 68

bomb in Cannon 29

bomb to air 35

bomb a hospital 64

bomb a port 72

bomb a village 82

bomb a church 56

bomb a fortress 10

bomb a ship 57

mafia bomb 45

car bomb 77

tear gas bomb 18
Meaning of the dream: need for prudence in writing

office 20
Description: overworked

out of the office 69
Interpretation of the dream: obstinate

access to an office 19
Translation: wrongs to be repaired

rent an office 50
Dream description: reconciliation with relatives

hall of office 4
Meaning: erroneous opinions

head office 13
Translation of the dream: stubbornness and obstinacy

office communication 2
Interpretation: devotion to work

devastate an office 44
Sense of the dream: fixed ideas

box office 59
What does it mean: enmities dangerous

diplomat in office 52
Meaning of the dream: discovery of a secret

organize an office 38
Description: request for moral support

an office search 10
Interpretation of the dream: disagree with superiors

go to the post office 47
Translation: great aspirations

public office 19
Dream description: lack of generosity

claim in an office 12
Meaning: facilities granted

registry office 7
Translation of the dream: stable position

remain in office 62
Interpretation: stop in business

hold an office 76
Sense of the dream: failure

driven from office 51
What does it mean: proposals devious

an office desk 46
Meaning of the dream: danger of cheating

the seat of an office 85
Description: fortunate circumstances

eviction from office 27
Interpretation of the dream: need for changes

medical office 44
Translation: requirements of the heart

return to office 33
Dream description: explaining to do

stay in office 62
Meaning: momentary embarrassment