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Blue sheets to wash. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream blue sheets to wash. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sheets hung out to dry 23
Meaning of the dream: new friends

wash duvet 90
Description: remorse

hemming sheets 17
Interpretation of the dream: pitfall to be avoided

torn sheets 56
Translation: risks inadvisable

wash the pan 70
Dream description: intimate rebellion

Cloth sheets 86
Meaning: hard problems

sewing sheets 55
Translation of the dream: aid determinants

roll up the sheets 5
Interpretation: love of neighbor

wash the apron 36
Sense of the dream: new love

mending sheets 14
What does it mean: resumption of activities

wash a dress 42
Meaning of the dream: success

wash the tablecloth 78
Description: strength and health

wash vegetables 22
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance

wash the pot 15
Translation: intentions absurd

sheets 33
Dream description: Little satisfaction

engage sheets 80
Meaning: need for caution

wash the threshold 82
Translation of the dream: affection and consideration

wash greens 44
Interpretation: practical problem to be solved

written sheets 65
Sense of the dream: commitments female workers difficult

wash my underwear 31
What does it mean: sudden change of plans

wash in a basin 77
Meaning of the dream: wrong views

wash the brush 20
Description: overcome difficulties

iron sheets 51
Interpretation of the dream: affirmation slow but sure

wash 66
Translation: you are removing some negativity in life and overcome the main obstacles

wash the garment 79
Dream description: ties unstable

wash your neck 86
Meaning: good health

Wash the chicory 25
Translation of the dream: Good support

wash your shirt 58
Interpretation: crushes

wash your pajamas 53
Sense of the dream: very complex personality

blue eyes 41
What does it mean: good news and expectations

blue flakes 19
Meaning of the dream: you need a break

Wash spinach 38
Description: position of privilege

wash with fresh water 7
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and joy

five sheets 15
Translation: love of work

glass sheets 22
Dream description: you're thinking about which road to take

inside of colored sheets 12
Meaning: passing whims

wash rice 4
Translation of the dream: funeral in the family

wash cabbage 34
Interpretation: good health

wrap up in sheets 38
Sense of the dream: home loss imminent danger want to be disappointed

dirty sheets 68
What does it mean: critic situation

scribble sheets 68
Meaning of the dream: sense of inferiority

blue bow 88
Description: Late regrets

five sheets smooth 29
Interpretation of the dream: loneliness

blue bottle 35
Translation: economic difficulties

blue sign 1
Dream description: birth of a child

wash dishes 57
Meaning: positive energy

apron blue 29
Translation of the dream: short shift

buy a five sheets 40
Interpretation: misunderstandings and misconceptions

washing windows 74
Sense of the dream: Danger averted

wash cloths outdoors 29
What does it mean: gossip in the air

five sheets of paper 21
Meaning of the dream: confidences of a friend

blue muslin 67
Description: quick fix

blue typeface 45
Interpretation of the dream: low energy

count sheets 86
Translation: right insight