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Blown bulb. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blown bulb. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blown glass 17
Meaning of the dream: change to design

bulb of a flower 74
Description: unexpected aid

bulbs 36
Interpretation of the dream: fears

ampoule breaks 25
Translation: provocation of friends

ampoule with water 70
Dream description: dangerous antics

ampoule with liquor 48
Meaning: OBJECTIVE have a reach

ampoule with medicines 84
Translation of the dream: quarrels at work

ampoule with poison 43
Interpretation: rivalry in love

defective speaker 67
Sense of the dream: passing clouds

defective shoes 90
What does it mean: evil enemies

gas lamp 22
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary waiting

vial 47
Description: contrasts in the house

bring the lamp 25
Interpretation of the dream: encouraging news

see blooming poppies 19
Translation: talk to neighbors

blow in the hands 88
Dream description: You receive gifts

light the lamp 6
Meaning: Good news

turn off the lamp 88
Translation of the dream: hopes dashed

hot breath 16
Interpretation: scarce possibilities

cold breath 81
Sense of the dream: trouble from women

seize breath 5
What does it mean: loneliness

daubing with junk 16
Meaning of the dream: begin to do without something that was important

hold back your breath 5
Description: Gain honest

omelet burnt 45
Interpretation of the dream: great aspirations

burned wood 42
Translation: unpleasant embarrassment

dish burned 40
Dream description: pipe dreams

woman burned 20
Meaning: lightness in love

breath of animals 15
Translation of the dream: to avoid friction

beast burned 13
Interpretation: new ideas

curl burned 27
Sense of the dream: suspects

donut burned 37
What does it mean: when advantageous

breath of air 29
Meaning of the dream: assay development purposes

sacristan blowing out candles 10
Description: will inconstant

flag burning 54
Interpretation of the dream: abundance and wealth

house burned 32
Translation: unfounded doubts

beard burned 49
Dream description: sudden departure

lack of breath 2
Meaning: little understanding

cruet crystal 15
Translation of the dream: good health

burnt focaccia 10
Interpretation: unstable relationships

burned paper 27
Sense of the dream: boring meetings

shirt burned 37
What does it mean: you believe someone is putting you stick in the wheels

cruet with oil 72
Meaning of the dream: decline of physical energy

burnt pizza 86
Description: success in love

hear someone gasp 26
Interpretation of the dream: a person is in danger

loaf burned 49
Translation: dangerous fantasies

collect the last breath of someone 11
Dream description: wrongs to be repaired

airplane in flight 8
Meaning: punishment undeserved

airplane burning 19
Translation of the dream: care

breathlessness 88
Interpretation: freedom from envy

heron flying 65
Sense of the dream: awards

bird wings in flight 24
What does it mean: deception female

tree burning 35
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

flying eagle 68
Description: narrow escape

burn 33
Interpretation of the dream: changes

flying vulture 45
Translation: opposition to rivals

luggage burned 22
Dream description: ingratitude to a friend