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Blow patella. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream blow patella. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

patella 69
Meaning of the dream: return of a love

deadly blow 53
Description: mental reservations

blow on the head 2
Interpretation of the dream: overwork

blow with stick 42
Translation: fate uncertain

receive a blow in the eye 43
Dream description: someone obstructs your project

knife blow 16
Meaning: dangers to be avoided

give an uppercut (boxing blow) 5
Translation of the dream: do you have a lot of friends

coup d'etat 7
Interpretation: discretion and prudence

fluke 80
Sense of the dream: generous feelings

blow torch 73
What does it mean: high hopes

sword stroke 11
Meaning of the dream: notoriety and prestige

take a punch 74
Description: inner restlessness

knock 78
Interpretation of the dream: humiliation and shame

blow 1
Translation: dirty trick on the part of a woman deceiving

hit back 29
Dream description: thoughts of revenge

battering blows 74
Meaning: prosperity

seaplane hit 56
Translation of the dream: good wishes

throw a punch 14
Interpretation: emotion and ambition

offer a punch 26
Sense of the dream: sacrifices to bear

punch in the face 90
What does it mean: prudence and diplomacy

punch on the nose 56
Meaning of the dream: negative surprises

give a kick to others 11
Description: I do not venture out in a matter that does not concern you

full shot 24
Interpretation of the dream: honors

blow your nose 81
Translation: incompatibility of character

stab 18
Dream description: avoid impulsive gestures or words

blow in the hands 88
Meaning: You receive gifts

wheat battering 16
Translation of the dream: coming issues

preparing a punch 72
Interpretation: discord with friends

golf stroke 24
Sense of the dream: unsuspected stamina

bump of thirst 60
What does it mean: good success

sunburn 6
Meaning of the dream: great misfortune

drink a punch 75
Description: new projects

blow off steam with your spouse 58
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected pleasant

blow off steam with his father 49
Translation: momentary depression

pistol kick 17
Dream description: obstinacy in resolutions

launch a kick 76
Meaning: critically

stab in the heart 65
Translation of the dream: concerns

get a kick 47
Interpretation: disappointments in love

receiving a stab 2
Sense of the dream: alarming news

give a stab 77
What does it mean: triumph over enemies

kick in the head 83
Meaning of the dream: evil intentions of neighbors

give it a shot to punch or slap 7
Description: peace and love in the family success in his loves

wounds 26
Interpretation of the dream: painful disappointments

occupation 72
Translation: interesting news

slam 12
Dream description: indecision and reticence

profession or career 15
Meaning: serious and lasting ties

film career 10
Translation of the dream: risky business

penalty 51
Interpretation: You re lucky

puffing smoke 36
Sense of the dream: irritability accentuated

practice a profession 31
What does it mean: serious and lasting ties

to slap 14
Meaning of the dream: aid neighbors

electric shock 31
Description: novelty pleased